Bergs Gård
Open every day in both café, shop, outdoor dining and dining room. Homemade lunch is served in the dining room every day. The service at Naturum in Stendörren is also open every day. There we also offer picnic baskets (can also be pre-booked with food & goods from the cafe).
Farm shop and café open all days: 10 AM to 4 PM, Mountain biking around the clock all day (rental 9 AM to 3 PM). Accommodation, Relax and Premises every day.
Bring a dog? Yes. | +46(0)70-4954932
Bergs Gård, 610 75 Västerljung

Bomans glassbar
Great home made ice cream.
Open during summer.
Bring a dog? Yes. | +46 (0)156-525 00
Östra Hamnplan, 619 30 Trosa

Deli Delight
Useful and homemade in cozy surroundings right in the heart of Trosa. Pies, vegetarian, soup, grilled sandwiches and sometimes waffles. The owner Kristin is a cook and cooks everything herself. She gladly receive orders, big and small.
Open: Tuesday-Saturday 11-16
Bring a dog? Yes.
Högbergsgatan 25, 619 30 Trosa
+46 (0)73-898 99 74

Garvaregården Trosa café & Stadsmuseum
In the old town below the church is Garvaregården, dating back to the 18th century. The serving offers a nice coffee or lunch in the beautiful garden in a quiet cultural environment. We have a cozy pergola with infrared heat for cooler days. We serve delicious sandwiches, soup, fresh salad, pie, pastries, ice cream, coffee, tea, cold drinks and beer/wine.
Please take a look into the tanners 19th century furnished residence, Museum, Voluntary entrance.
Summer: PGA Covid19 we hold 2020 open Thursday – Sunday 11-16.
Bring a dog? Yes. | Facebook | Café +46 (0)79-313 30 94 Museum +46 (0)156-122 20
Västra Långgatan 40, 619 35 Trosa

Hamngårdens Cafe & “Glasseria”
At Hamngården we serve delicious lunches, cakes & sandwiches. You’ll also find “Glasserian” next to the cafe with everything you can wish for that has got to do with ice cream.
Open: Weekends in May, from 11 o’clock.
June-August, every day from 11 o’clock.
Bring a dog? Only outside. | +46 (0)156-310 10
Fiskargatan 9, 619 31 Trosa

Kölsvinet is a place for everyone. In the morning we serve breakfast from 8 am, at 11 am we begin to serve our lunch- and dinner menu. Throughout the day and evening you can order pizza, salad, sandwiches and a couple of selected hot dishes. Beyond this the café also serves pasterys. Table reservations are not available.
Bring a dog? Only outside | +46 (0)156-50 52 00
Uddbergagatan 2, 619 30 Trosa

Matbygget foodtruck på Nora trädgård
Coffee and pastry  on organic ingredients. We have a long cooperation with the growers and producers in Järna and follow the harvest seasons and the rhythm of nature. Seating is provided in the garden and orangery.
Open: Open during summer.
Bring a dog? Yes | +46 (0)156-260 63
Trosa gatmun, 610 75 Vagnhärad

Miras Magiska Café
Churros and homemade cakes and pasteries with fresh fruit and only organic ingredients.
Open: Monday-Friday 8.30-17, Saturday-Sunday 12-16
Bring a dog? Only outside.
Facebook | +46 (0)73-355 94 76
Verktygsgatan 2A, 619 33 Trosa

Mekka konditori
We have fresh bread, cakes, pastries, sandwich etc. Go for a coffee indoors in the old environment, dating the 19th century. Or why not a quiet time in our lovely outdoor seating in the park? Open every day!
Open: Monday-Friday 7.30-18, Saturday-Sunday 9.30-16
Bring a dog? Only outside.
+46 (0)156-123 94
Västra Långgatan 27, 619 35 Trosa

Rävuddens café Trosa havsbad

Rävuddens skärgårdscafé
Rävuddens cafe is located at Trosa Havsbad with a nice view of the sea. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Welcome!
Open during summer, please see website for opening hours.
Bring a dog? | +46 (0)156-124 94
Trosa Havsbad, 619 31 Trosa

Skogs RAW
Come out and enjoy in the tranquility of the forest with a healthy, supernice “fika”. Organic, locally produced and vegan. Opening hours:
From 6th of june: saturday-sunday 12.00-17.00
July: Every day 12.00-17.00
Closed on swedish midsummer, for more information see facebook.
Bring a dog? Yes. | +46 (0)73-18 09 330
Viksnäsviken Bergbacka, Trosa

Sävö gårdscafé
Breakfast, coffee bread and tasty sandwiches. Farm products after availability. The farm cafe is located in a small pot, in the shelter of the wind, in the heart of Sävö farm. Sävö island is located only 300 m from Källvik and can be reached by boat.
Sävö cafe – opening hours, menu, where you add by boat and boat transport

Due to the ongoing corona outbreak, opening hours and other things can change. The information on our website is constantly updated.

Open all days 9-17 from 27 June to 9 August.
Bring a dog? Sävö is a nature reserve, dog must be kept connected.
Sävö, 610 75 Västerljung

Tre Små Rum
Tre små rums Café & Patisserie in the middle of picturesque Trosa. With us you can enjoy good food, good pastries, good coffee and a wonderful moment inside our serving or out in our lush garden.
We bake everything in our own patisserie/bakery in the yard.
If you want to take home with you, you are fine. We accept orders for cakes, pastries etc.
Bring a dog? Yes, outside.
Open: All days 10-18 | +46 (0)73-349 61 48
Östra Långgatan 8, 619 30 Trosa

Trosa Parkgolf
Take the opportunity to take a coffee or an ice cream in our kiosk, organic coffee and tea, and iced tea by Johan & Nyström. Here you can enjoy all sorts of ice cream from Triumfglass.
For opening hours, please see the website.
Bring a dog? Only at the café, not the golf courses. | +46 (0)70-404 16 09
Nyängsvägen 1, 619 34 Trosa

Trosa Stadscafé
Here you will find pasteries, sandwiches, buns and smaller sweets, icecream, coffe/tea and other beverages. Even lighter lunches and take-away boxes if you do not have the time
to sit down. From Tuesday 8/9 at 10.00, Stadscafet opens up at Stadshotellet with table service. In the lobby by the fire and nice days also on the outdoor terrace.
Open: Tuesday-Friday 10-16, Saturday-Sunday 10-14. | +46 (0)156 – 170 70
Östra Ågatan, 619 30 Trosa (High Season)
Västra Långgatan 19, 619 35 Trosa (Low Season)

Trostorp Hembygdscafe
Every Sunday throughout the summer the café is opened at 11.00-16.00. We serve coffee, homemade cakes and sandwiches.
Open during summer.
Bring a dog? Yes.
+46 (0)156-264 78
Trostorp, 610 70 Vagnhärad

Tullgarns slottscafé
The café is beautifully situated in Tullgarns park. Here you will find pasteries, sandwiches, ice-cream, hot and cold drinks.
Opening hour, see website.
Bring a dog? Yes, but only outside. | +46 (0)8-402 63 81
Tullgarns Slott, 610 74 Vagnhärad

Restaurant with a Beautiful view of Trosaån in Vagnhärad.
Open all year.
Bring a dog? Only outside.
+46 (0)156-108 47
Stationsvägen 7, 610 70 Vagnhärad

Bergs Gårds café at Naturum Stendörren
Enjoy our menu in the beautiful nature reserve
Bring a dog: Yes
Open: Everyday 11 AM-5 PM | +46 (0) 70-495 49 32
Naturum Stendörren