Organic/Locally produced

Bergs Gård
Meatstore with organic beef, sausage (chorizo, kabanoss, bratwurst, grillare and frankfurters)
Opening hours: friday-sunday 11-16, monday-thursday 9-15. If you wish to visit our shop on another time, please call and let us know. | +46 (0)70-495 49 32
Bergs Gård, Västerljung

Works mainly with locally produced and organic raw ingredients, if provided the the high level we wish. Bomans is also swan labeled and work with Johan & Nyström, a quality and environmentally conscious company. Bomans coffee is organic and fairtrade. | +46 (0)156-525 00
Östra Hamnplan, 619 30 Trosa

Skogs RAW
Come out and enjoy in the tranquility of the forest with a healthy, supernice “fika”. Organic, locally produced and vegan. | +46 (0)73-18 09 330
Viksnäsviken Bergbacka, Trosa

Svenska viltbutiken i Trosa
Game meat from the forests of Sörmland. Game meat hamburgers, game meat sausages and meat from the wild boar, red deer, fallow deer and mouflon.
Opening hours: friday 11-18, saturday 11-15 | +46 (0)70-379 01 56
Åda, Gamla mejeriet

Berries, potatoes, vegetables and self-picking. In the farm shop you can buy seasonal products. We also have pick your own strawberries and potatoes. Around July 1 tend to be ripe strawberries but if you want detailed information on the range so get in touch with us. Potatoes for self-picking is usually found around July 10th. The range of other vegetables vary according to season and availability. | +46 (0)156-200 14
Hillsta Östra Uppgård, 610 75 Västerljung 

Wappersta Gårdsbutik
Organic beef and sausages from the farm.
Opening hours: saturday-sunday 11-15 | +46 (0)156-102 23
Wappersta Gård, Vagnhärad