Ankaret Restaurang & Pub
Charcoal grill with a la carte, plank, fajitas, burgers, pizza and salad bar.
Bring a dog? Only outside. | +46 (0)156-128 88
Östra Långgatan 24, 619 30 Trosa

Ankaret sportbar
The sports bar in Trosa shows all the matches, live music, DJ and karaoke. Bar menu.
Bring a dog? Only outside. | +46(0)156-128 88
Östra Långgatan 24, 619 30 Trosa

Bomans restaurant offers besides good food, one of the region’s best and perhaps most affordable wine lists.
Bring a dog? Yes, small dogs that can fit in a dog bag. | +46 (0)156-525 00
Östra Hamnplan, 619 30 Trosa

Fina Fisken
In the dining room and garden we serve delicacies from the sea. Rustic, well-cooked and traditional are words we like to use in the dining room. All this is accompanied by carefully selected wines.
Bring a dog? Only outside.  | +46 (0)156-138 47
Fiskargatan 12, 619 31 Trosa

K&M Restaurant at Trosa Golf Club
Welcome to K & M Restaurang at Trosa Golf Club. If you only want a good and affordable lunch or enjoy good food and drink one evening at sunset with nice friends, we offer a dining experience in the best of environments. Welcome to eat with us! | +46 (0)70-049 60 57
Uddby, 619 92 Trosa

Kölsvinet is a place for everyone. In the morning we serve breakfast from 8 am, at 11 am we begin to serve our lunch- and dinner menu. Throughout the day and evening you can order pizza, salad, sandwiches and a couple of selected hot dishes. Beyond this the café also serves pasterys. Table reservations are not available.
Bring a dog? Only outside | +46 (0)156-50 52 00
Uddbergagatan 2, 619 30 Trosa

Situated in the heart of Trosa next to the stream – open every day! We have a á la carte menu and pizza.
Bring a dog? Yes, but just in the first part of the restaurant.| +46 (0)156-175 50
Torget 6, 619 35 Trosa

Sund Nergården
Signerat av Taste By Johan Ahlvik

We serve Swedish raw ingredients, preferably from the farms of Sörmland, and the menu follows our seasons. Our winelist consists mainly of small-scale family-owned producers who work according to an organic and biodynamic thinking. We have between 60-70 different wines, most of which are served on glass. Beautiful setting with magnificent views over Lake Sillen just outside Vagnhärad. Only pre-booking. Sund Nergården has an age limit of 16 years! It concerns the hotel and the dining room.

Bring a dog? Notify in advance. | +46 (0)156-70 00 70
Sund Nergården, 610 74 Vagnhärad

Trosa Bistro & Bar
Restaurant serving grilled, buffet and Thai dishes.
Bring a dog? Only outside.
Facebook | +46 (0)156-101 90
Västra Långgatan 21, 619 35 Trosa

Trosa Matstudio
Rustic tavern in the old police and fire station.
Bring a dog? Only outside. | +46 (0)156-127 49
Västra Långgatan 9, 619 35 Trosa

Trosa Stadshotell & Spa
Welcome to Trosa Stadshotell & Spa! We are beautifully located by Trosas picturesque square, with several small shops as neighbors.
Bring a dog? Guide dogs allowed in the whole house. “Ordinary” dogs allowed in the bistro, lounge and outdoor terrace. Not in the dining room or spa. Of course, they cannot not bark, mess, dirty or be loose | +46 (0)156-170 70
Västra Långgatan 19, 619 35 Trosa

Trosa Sjökrog
Our beautiful decor is reminiscent of the archipelago. We maintain a very high level of ambition in the kitchen. We serve both fish and wonderful meat dishes based on the best ingredients!
Bring a dog? Only outside. | +46 (0)156-310 10
Fiskargatan 9, 619 31 Trosa

Trosa Sushi
A restaurant that has both sushi and hot dishes.
Bring a dog? Only outside.
+46(0)156-50 66 88
Verktygsgatan 2B Trosa

Right in the harbor you will find Tullhuset by Trosa River. Three diffrent restaurants: Steakhouse, italian and libanese.
Bring a dog? Only outside.
+46(0)156- 101 22
Östra Hamnplan 5, 619 34 Trosa

TvåSmåSvin BnB
Restaurant and BnB. | +46 (0)156-400 90
Östra Långgatan 7, 619 30 Trosa

Restaurant with a Beautiful view of Trosaån in Vagnhärad.
Open all year.
Bring a dog? Only outside.
+46 (0)70-231 85 59
Stationsvägen 7, 610 70 Vagnhärad

Åda Golf & Country Club
In the kitchen we always use high-class ingredients and let all of the forest wealth appear on the menu. We are happy to work with local suppliers, and since we have both deer and other game meat around the corner, it is obvious that we always offer this on the menu.
Bring a dog? Only outside. | +46 (0)156-182 93
Åda Golf & Countryclub, 619 91 Trosa