10 activities in Trosa harbour

The tourist office has listed 10 things you can do in the harbour! For example, rent a kayak or play fotball. Read the complete list here!

  1. Rent a kayak or SUP (stand up paddle board)
  2. Rent a bicycle
  3. Play padel (Trosa Padel is booked via matchi.se)
  4. Play volleyball or fotball (you may borrow a ball at Hökö one of the shops near the playground)
  5. Go for a tour in the archipelago (tickets can be bought in the guest harbour)
  6. Stroll in the nice little shops near the Trosa stream 
  7. Have lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants
  8. Go for a homemade ice cream at Trosaglass on Östra Hamnplan
  9.  PLay in the playground, there’s a ship, swings and more
  10. View the outdoor exhibitions “#bilderiTrosa” and “Bilder som berättar”

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