A taste of Sörmland

“A taste of Sörmland” is an outdoor dining experience at Bergs Gård (farm) in Västerljung, near Trosa. Enjoy!

At Bergs Gård (farm), owner Magnus and his family have lived and farmed for several generations.

The table is located by Ekhagen’s (oak pasture translated from swedish) nature trail. As the name suggests, you are sitting in the old oak pasture where an accessible nature trail has been prepared. Here the land has been grazed by cows and sheep and you see several large old trees (oak, ash and more).

In front of you you have a sunning view out over the old pasture and the landscaped ponds, behind the leaves the farm can be seen.

The place is very popular for weddings and several couples have been married here.

The farm has accommodation, a farm shop with meat from the own cows, a café, MTB arena and more.

The experience can be booked via Bergs Gård’s website. See the calendar in the booking for availability.

Smaka på Sörmland dukat bord

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