Active experiences in the idyllic Trosa archipelago

You can slip among the islets and skerries of the stunning archipelago of Trosa Municipality in a kayak – and no driving licence required. Kayaking is suitable for visitors to Trosa both large and small.

It is early morning. The sea is as smooth as a mirror and Trosa is just in the process of awakening. The café owners are putting out their tables and preparing for the day ahead. A sailboat slowly glides past before mooring at the guest harbour. A kayak is placed in the water. A couple are picking up their rental bikes. There is much to see and do in the archipelago municipality. Both on land and at sea.

Trosa guest harbor from above
Photo: Apelago

Kayaking, SUP and cycling

At Trosa’s guest harbour, you can rent a bike, SUP or kayak. A kayak in particular is an active way of getting close to and discovering nature. Imagine gliding almost silently over the water’s surface and enjoying the magnificent views of the water and nature, with the birds and the blue water as additional company. Perhaps you may find a small islet to land on and eat that packed lunch you have brought with you.

Above all, you must be able to swim. Keeping an eye on the weather is also important for anyone wanting to go kayaking. The water can be cold until well into the summer, even in hot weather. And the wind can quickly change direction in the Sörmland archipelago. Therefore, ideally check the weather a few days before your planned kayaking trip.

The Trosa Guest Harbour has a policy of not allowing customers out in kayaks if the wind is too strong.

For beginners, it is safer to go out with someone who is already familiar with kayaking.

Hire a kayak in Trosa Guest Harbour

No special equipment is needed to get started. You can hire life jackets, paddles and kayaks from Trosa Guest Harbour. It can be useful to take along some light clothing to change into, as well as a mobile phone in a waterproof bag. A wind-proof jacket can also be a good thing to have. Dress according to the temperature of the water, not how warm the air is. On a really sunny day, you are advised to put on sun cream and to wear a cap to protect your head from the sun.

As a beginner, it is a good idea to keep close to land and to follow the line of the coast until you reach the Trosa navigation channel. A good first trip would be to go to Borgmästarholmen. There, you can land next to the sandy beach, drink a little water and perhaps eat that packed lunch you brought with you, and then take the same route back. We suspect this will give you a taste for more.

An exciting paddle along the Trosa River

If you have a whole day to spare, we recommend that you paddle the Trosa River all the way from Trosa to Vagnhärad. This is a fabulously beautiful trip, where you will encounter both town and nature. The start is from the harbour, and the route continues along past the turn-of-the-century houses and takes you as far as Trosa Mill. You then simply lift up the kayak and move to the other side to continue your journey upstream.

The landscape changes after the mill, with open fields and swaying trees taking over. In some passages, the crowns of the trees hang down and almost bow to greet your arrival. Once you reach Vagnhärad, you can have lunch and then turn and head back towards Trosa.

Paddling in the outer archipelago

Paddling out into the archipelago is a wonderful experience. Here, the birds accompany you on your journey on the blue water. Along the navigation channel from Trosa, you pass a chain of small, beautiful islands. Wherever you wish, you and your party can land and enjoy the warm rocks – and perhaps take a dip? Or you could continue all the way to Kråmö for a stop. An ice cream wouldn’t do any harm, would it?

SUP – stand-up paddle boarding – is a water sport that originates from Hawaii and the sport of surfing. You stand on a board that floats in the water, like you do when surfing, and use a paddle to propel yourself forwards. Stand-up paddle boarding has become extremely popular in recent years. It is an easy way to get out into the sea and to get your body working.

The first attempts at paddling can be a bit wobbly, but after just a few minutes your technique will usually have improved a little. The inflatable boards can be hired in the harbour at Trosa and are perfectly suited to beginners or people who have never tried it before.

Welcome to the active archipelago municipality of Trosa!

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