Art and galleries

Paintings, sculptures and other products. Follow along in the footsteps of the art.

Enjoy art

There are lots of art and crafts to discover in and nearby Trosa. Some galleries and studios are only open during summer, but some are open all year around. Two times a year many galleries and studios open up for an event called KonstTriangeln (The Art Triangle). During KonstTriangeln the artist will show their work in their own studios and also in a shared exhibition in Skärborgarnas hus.

Some of the places where you can enjoy the art exhibitions are not a gallery or a studio. An example of this is BlomAteljén which is originally a flower shop and also at Bomans Hotel you will see lots of beautiful photographs in the hotel. At Khvit you will find handicrafts from all over Sörmland.


Check out Utflyktsvägen website if you can not get enough of the art and handicrafts here in Trosa. Utflyktsvägen reaches from Norrköping and goes through Kolmården, Oxelösund, Nyköping, Trosa, Flen, Gnesta and Nykvarn to Södertälje. This route offers more arts and crafts exhibitions but also cafés, boutiques and cozy accommodations.

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