Discover the town of Trosa

The archipelago town of Trosa in the province of Sörmland offers activities to suit all tastes.
A day with no plans is easily spent strolling through the central parts of town, enjoying everything there is to see and do. Great coffee, excellent shopping, delicious food, fascinating nature, and cultural experiences. In Trosa, you’re close to everything.

Trosa is the city by the sea that begs to be explored. Start the day with a lovely stroll along the Trosaån River and take in the delightful wooden buildings from the turn of the 20th century. The river once provided an important connection to Lake Mälaren, making Trosa a major market town. Today, the Trosaån River is used mainly for fishing and recreation.
Commerce, however, is still an important part of Trosa. The selection is rich and varied, with personal and unique shops that make the town full of life all year round.

A big whie house by the river
Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa turistcenter

Lunch, coffee, and dinner in Trosa

After your pleasant stroll along Trosaån River, you might be hungry. How about a wonderful picknick? You can buy fresh fish from Trosa Fiskeri and pop into the Tre små rum bakery to pick up something sweet for dessert. Their kitchen makes all sorts of treats.
Find a spot in the flower park down by the harbour and check out all the cool boats while enjoying your picknick.

After some shopping, chances are you want coffee and a treat. Try the divine Trosa pastry at Trosa stadscafé. If you’re lucky, you can sit down on one of the cosy sofas along the river and do some serious people watching. You may even spot a boat or a kayak glide by. Don’t forget to buy something locally produced from Visthuset i Trosa as a memory. 

Wide range of activities

Do you like ice cream? During summer, you can enjoy great homemade ice cream from “Trosaglass” at Östra Hamnplan. Visit an exhibition at one of our galleries. End the afternoon with a relaxing visit to the spa at Trosa Stadshotell & Spa or enjoy a refreshing beverage and stimulating conversation at Två små svin B&B.

Challenge someone to a round of adventure golf at Trosa Parkgolf or bring your kids to the skatepark. You can also visit the lovely Gallerian Trosaporten, featuring a fish cart, shops, and a florist, as well as everything you can imagine in health and beauty.

Trosa for the whole family

Stop by Garvaregården to see how people in Trosa used to live. This place has lots of fascinating things to see. After all, the town is more than 400 years old. Right next to it is the fun spider park, where the adults can rest their legs while their young ones climb the exciting jungle gym. Take the blue, charming mini-train back down to the harbour and end the evening with a delicious pizza at Kölsvinet, where you can watch the sun disappear behind the treetops. Some evenings, you can also enjoy live troubadour music here.  
Down in the harbour is a large lawn, where restless kids can run around or play pirates on the exciting playground. You can also bring your own ball and play beach volleyball.

Fish stalls dot the harbour area, selling artisanal crafts, clothes, and vintage books, and you can also find several lovely restaurants that serve a wide variety of cuisines. Trosa really does have something for everyone, both young and old. 

Updated 2022-03-31

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