Enjoy the right of public access in the archipelago municipality of Trosa

 The right of public access enables everyone to enjoy Swedish nature. And the archipelago municipality of Trosa has lots of varying nature experiences to discover. So, pack your bags and make your way here to enjoy our magical outdoor life. 

Having the right of public access in Sweden is a true privilege, allowing us to enjoy the beautiful nature. Trosa offers a wide range of wild nature experiences and an almost infinite number of great recreational areas.

Walk along the water, into beautiful hazel forests, on trampled paths, and across beach meadows. Bring a basket and fill it with berries and various fungi, or wild garlic, when it’s in season.
Look for white-tailed eagles and other seabirds. Listen for the woodpeckers and the nightingales. You will even find a so-called key biodiversity area called Näktergalslunden (the Nightingale Grove).
Sturdy wooden foot bridges, between rustling reeds and leafy forest, take you to a lookout platform with impressive views of the sea and Tureholm Castle.

Ducklings on a stone
Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa turistcenter

Winter swim at lake Sillen

Sillebadet has both a beach, jetty and tower. Perhaps you dare go for a winter swim during some of the colder months? 

Do you want to explore nature in a more adventurous way? Climb Mount Jättarsberget at Furholmen after a lovely forest walk. Gaze out over the treetops and fill your lungs with vital oxygen. Climb among caves and pretend to be an old-time robber, like Astrid Lindgren’s Ronja or Birk.

Lie down on a bed of moss. Discover the bustling life that goes on here. Watch ants build colonies and spiders weave their transparent web.

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Cycling and trail running in Trosa

Do you prefer to discover nature at a speedier pace? Cycle along marked trails like Näckrosleden or Sverigeleden, feel the wind in your hair, and enjoy the spectacular nature experiences along the way. You may want get on the municipal bike trails around the villages of Hunga or Tullgarn. Enjoy castle views or pastures where the horses run free. Go orienteering through wild forest terrain or run along the Åda Wild Boar Trail.

Woman in the forest

Feel free to use the practical nature map, Naturkartan. An outdoor recreational guide for the web and mobile that is used by companies and authorities to inspire people to a richer outdoor life and, above all, to discover more of our wonderful natural settings.

Did you know that the air in the forest is cleaner than the one we breathe in a densely populated city? So, when you take a forest walk, you do your body, and especially your lungs, a favour by breathing in fresh air that strengthens both body and soul.

Welcome to our magical, wholesome nature!

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