Locals about Trosa

Favorite spots

Let yourself be inspired by the locals’ favorite spots. Perhaps they will recommend a place you were not aware of?

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Jane Oksanen

Kort ingresstext och länk till trosa.com/janes-smultronstallen (skapas som artikel, liknande Trosa hamn/Trosa centrum etc men ej lika långa)

Nina Sundbom

1 Trosaån. Fishing with the children in Trosaån at the edge of spring, both in Vagnhärad and Trosa, is simply wonderful. A thermos with coffee on a bench, spring sun and happy children fishing.

2 I love the sea and a favorite place is Stensund. Incomparably beautiful nature, regardless of the season.

3 A cozy shop that you might miss is Systrarna Ute & Inne in the old trainstation in Vagnhärad. Here you can find both new and old, clothes and furnishings. Even the sisters who run the shop are absolutely wonderful. Well worth a detour!

Adam Sinnerström

1 I drink the best coffee at Café Tarte Tatin. Very cozy place! I’ve never been to France but if that’s how it is in the French countryside I want to go there! 

2 I like to be out in nature and walk, run or bring the Traianga kitchen and make lunch. At Furholmen there is really nice nature to do all this. 

3 Åda Golf & Country Club! It is luxurious to have such a nice golf course within cycling distance from home. 

Malin Eriksson

1 Stensund, the walk by the water! 

2 Training session at Safiren, (group session or swimming) that ends with a sauna. Always such a nice atmosphere there! 

3 Summer evenings at “Badberget”, I love sitting there on the pier! 

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Jessica Piri

1 All the incredible restaurants we have in Trosa!

2 The harbor! In the summer, the atmosphere is fantastic down in the harbor, full of party-hungry tourists, boats, etc. In winter, calm sets in and the harbor turns into a more cozy place.

3 Stroll in Trosa and admire all the fine buildings, the cozy stream and enjoy the tranquility. Especially Christmas time in Trosa is magical! 

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