Kråmö Archipelago Village, a car-free archipelago reserve

This year, we’re seeking tranquillity, togetherness, and zero screen time on our holiday.

We have booked accommodation in the archipelago village of Kråmö and will spend an entire week in Trosa’s beautiful archipelago.

We wanted a different holiday, with focus on togetherness and peace and quiet. This is our story about a summer experience in Kråmö Archipelago Village, where the sea is a constant companion, and the range of activities is wonderfully slim. 

Drönarbild på ö med röda hus/A picture on an island with red houses taken from a drone.
Photo: Apelago

A week in the Trosa archipelago

On a warm summer morning, we take the Trosa bus from Liljeholmen in Stockholm and get off at the final stop of Trosa Harbour. The sun is shining softly from a reasonably blue sky, with only a few white cumulus clouds passing by and seagulls sounding through the air. We gaze out over the sea. Happy and excited. And with packed bags. We have booked accommodation in the archipelago village on the car-free island of Kråmö and will spend an entire week in Trosa’s beautiful archipelago.

Since we’re early, we walk around the charming harbour and buy fresh bread from Tre Små Rum Kafé & Konditori. A can of roe sauce and some smoked fish from Trosa Fiskeri also find their way into the cooler. We find an information leaflet and read up on the island. We learn that Kråmö is a municipal archipelago reserve consisting of the main island of Kråmö and seven smaller islands.

Utedusch vid vattnet/Outdoor shower by the water
Photo: Apelago
Röd stuga vid träd/red cottage under a tree
Skärgårdsbåt/archipelago boat

Marine nature reserve with cabin village

Wanting to protect and draw attention to the marine treasures found around Kråmö, Trosa Municipality converted the islands to a marine nature reserve in 2018. Today, the main island of Kråmö has a cabin village, and this is where we have rented a cabin.

Earlier, only the area’s natural values on land were known, but now, the hiking-friendly pine forest, meadows, and beaches are highly popular among visitors. There are exciting discoveries below the water surface as well, including eelgrass meadows, mussel banks, and bladderwrack belts. So glad we packed our snorkelling gear!

Pleasant boat ride to Kråmö

Time to depart. We have booked seats with Trosa’s archipelago traffic, which operates Trosa Marina and Kråmö during the summer high season. We board and begin our lovely boat ride out to Kråmö. After 20 minutes with the warm sun on our faces, we dock at the jetty of Kråmö. Small red cabin roofs pop up here and there. The green lawn looks inviting to our football-loving teenager, and we look longingly at the red sauna with sweeping views of islets and skerries. We’re going to enjoy this!

Cabin with sea views

We take our little cart and walk the short walk up to our cabin Ejdern. The cabin is about 40 square metres, and we chose it for its position at the far end of the rocks, overlooking the islands of Askö and Bokö. We are planning to enjoy the outstanding archipelago views and disconnect from reality for a while. The island currently has nine newly renovated cabins to choose from. They’re simple, but clean and cosy. All with an outhouse nearby.

In our connected everyday lives, conversations have become fewer and activities increasingly computer-controlled. Here, we want to give ourselves, as a family, an opportunity to hang out together without screen time. With nature and the sea to keep us company. We’ve packed card games and a small chessboard, as well as fishing rods and a football. We want togetherness and conversation to be the main ingredients on this holiday. Along with moments in the sauna, swimming in the sea, and long walks. The dishes might just be the most strenuous activity of the day.

Kråmö Archipelago Village has provided the basics. We take a deep breath, inhale the fresh air, put on our swimwear, and disconnect.

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