Sörmland glamping at Havrevreten

Craving a night in nature, but not so keen on the damp tent and lumpy surface?

Havrevreten Farm in Sörmland outside Trosa offers glamorous camping – glamping – for those who want to spend a comfortable and cosy night outdoors. For the adventurous one there is a hammock hotel, where the night is spent in a lovely hammock under the stars. 

Imagine spending the night in nature – without waking up cold with stiff joints in a damp tent on a thin camping mattress. In a glamping tent, you can sleep outdoors in scenic surroundings without compromising on comfort.

If it’s the adventure that attracts maybe a night in a hammock is the right way for you to go. Tha hammocks hang in “dormitories” in the beautiful forest and dinner and breakfast are included. 

Chairs on a terrace with a tent behind
Photo: Havrevreten

Glamping in Sörmland

Just outside the idyllic town of Trosa is the Havrevreten Farm. Here, among hiking trails, small lakes, and fields, the owners have built a business offering activities and recreation of a different kind. A beautiful nature reserve, where wild animals roam freely, stretches around the farm. It’s scenic, quiet, and peaceful. Made to sooth the soul. 

The icing on the cake at Havrevreten are the various glamping tents available for rent. The word “glamping” comes from “glamorous camping”. Glamping is experiencing nature without compromising on comfort and convenience. It’s simply a nature experience with extra everything.

The tents are made of canvas and give you great protection in all kinds of weather. Furnished with comfortable beds, they provide a relaxing break from the realities of the world. And you don’t have to worry about fumbling around in the dark – there is electricity both in and around the tents. A visit here is a chance for privacy and seclusion.

Rocked to sleep among the trees

In the summer of 2022, the hammock hotel at Havrevreten will open, making it possible to sleep hanging between the trees under the stars. Everything is included so you don’t have to think about bringing a lot of packing and to cook. In the evening a delicious dinner buffet is offered and when you wake up to the birds singing a breakfast awaits you. Here you can focus on enjoying the present and being close to nature. 

En lada och två röda hus vid åker/View over fields and a farm
Photo: Havrevreten
Person hanging in a hammock

Paddling and SUPing

Do you want a faster or slower pace on your holiday? Here, you can have it either way. Do you want to go canoeing or kayaking on Lake Gisesjön right next to the farm?  Or borrow a fishing rod and rowing boat and try your luck fishing instead?

Perhaps you want to try the new and popular stand up paddle boarding? SUP is a water sport where you stand up on a surf-like board and propel yourself through the water using a paddle. It’s surprisingly strenuous. But a great activity as well as a thrilling nature experience to glide standing on the water.

The Sörmlandsleden Trail passes the farm, inviting you to explore the wonderful fauna and flora of Sörmland. Sörmlandsleden Trail is one of Sweden’s longest nature and cultural hiking trails. 1,000 kilometres take you around the province of Sörmland, all the way up to the Swedish capital. Along the trail are several rest areas, some with shelters for overnight stays.  At Havrevreten, you have plenty of opportunities for an active and physical holiday.

Forest bathing and guided herbal walks

If you’re looking to take care of both body and soul, you have several options. Book a massage and a foot bath or participate in interesting and mindful activities, like forest bathing or herbal walks. Forest bathing involves taking a slow walk in the forest with an experienced guide. Let the energies of nature work their magic to replenish both body and mind. Take time to reflect and fill your lungs with oxygen.


During an herbal walk, you learn what to include in your home pharmacy and what you can do with medicinal herbs. A great reminder of what people used to do. And if you want to end your day nice and warm, overlooking the water, you can book the wood-fired sauna raft.

At Havrevreten, you can enjoy life and tranquillity at your own pace. And partake in as many or as few activities as you want. The beautiful Sörmland nature is right there at your feet. To enjoy anyway you please.

Insidan av glampingtält med morgonrock i förgrunden/Inside a glampingtent
Photo: Havrevreten

Did you know?

In Trosa municipality, there are three players that offer glamping. One is Havrevreten and the other two is Sund Nergården and Trosa havsbad.

In addition, you will also find “regular camping” at Trosa Havsbad where, in addition to tent sites, they have cabins, pitches and camping for caravans.


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