Stendörren Nature Reserve

Stendörren Nature Reserve is found between Trosa and Nyköping.
In addition to breath-taking nature experiences, this area offers a unique opportunity. To walk all the way out to the very edge of the archipelago without ever getting into a boat. 

Between Nyköping and Trosa, on the magnificent Sörmland archipelago coast, lies Stendörren Nature Reserve. The ability to reach the glittering sea and the pristine archipelago landscape on foot makes this a unique place to gather strength and energy.

Stendörren comprises 923 hectares of spectacular land and water. The nature reserve was established in 1972 to give more people access to outdoor activities in the Sörmland archipelago.

Cliffs, forest and sea from above
Photo: Peter Holgersson AB
Man on a suspention bridge
Photo: Peter Holgersson AB

Suspension bridges out to the islands

The best thing about Stendörren is that you can walk straight out to the archipelago landscape and islands via suspension bridges from the mainland. Without the need for a boat.
Land and sea merge and become one. Gaze out over open waters and feel the sea breeze caress your face. Witness the seasons change, right by the sea.

The enchanting Sörmland landscape welcomes you with open arms. Invites you and your imagination to run wild. Play catch on the rocks. Engage in some stone skipping in the blue water. Pick fallen cones and use them to make different animals. Watch birds or take a look at the busy life below the water surface. Maybe you can even catch your own lunch.

Sunny rocks and sea views

In the summer, we recommend you pack your swimsuit and claim your own rock from which to swim and enjoy the outdoors.  Look up and watch the white-tailed eagle ride the winds or the grey seal soak up sun on the rocks. Enjoy the tranquillity of nature.
If you’re feeling adventurous, you can climb up the new lookout tower and take in the magnificent sea views. Then get back on solid ground and follow the lovely hiking trails that take you through untouched nature as well as oxygen-rich spruce forests.

Två personer på en hängbro/Two people on a suspantionbridge
Photo: Peter Holgersson AB

Upplevelseleden and Stendörren Nature Centre

Learn something new along the scenic trail Upplevelseleden, a two-kilometre hike signposted with the exhibition “History from Sörmland” by Sörmland Museum.
The practical aspects are also taken care of, including barbecue areas, outhouses, and toilets. You can reach the Lerviksudden for barbecues or to experience the archipelago even with a stroller or wheelchair.

If you need to get out of the wind or the rain, there are several shelters, although it’s important to remember that you are not allowed to overnight in the shelters or camp in the parts of the reserve that can be reached on foot.

At Aspnäset, you’ll find a knowledge-inspired nature centre that is open during the summer months. Here you can learn more about the Baltic Sea and its brackish water, as well as the cultural history, environment, and nature of the archipelago.
During the summer months, there is a café cart right on the water serving light dishes. And every summer, various activities are organised for both young and old.

Blue sea and sky, small cottages
Photo: Trosa Turistcenter
Man and a dog on a suspantionbridge
Photo: Peter Holgersson AB

Rent a cabin on an island

Via the nature centre, you can rent a simple cabin. The cabins are beautifully situated on the island of Ekholmen in the Stendörren Nature Reserve, just a few hundred metres from the mainland. Of course, you can also travel to Stendörren through the spectacular archipelago with your own boat, mooring in one of the bays or by the jetty for further exploration on land. Stendörren is also the perfect starting point for kayaking.

There is something very special about getting out on those rocks and watching the mighty sea. It brings peace and quiet to the soul. Spending time in nature is good for us, and Stendörren Nature Reserve is a source of great joy for all. So, welcome out to sea – on foot!

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