Trosa is open all year round

The town of Trosa, known for its pastel-colored turn-of-the-century houses and cozy shops, offers an idyllic experience – all year round!

In the central part of Trosa, among the cobblestones and historic buildings, a number of original shops can be found. Here, individual businesses offer something authentic and unique, with a high level of personal service and knowledge. Most shops, cafés and restaurants are open all year round. The active trade association arranges a number of major events throughout the year. Here, in both early spring and late autumn, you can take in special Ladies’ Nights, markets and fashion shows. 

Shopping and good food all year round

Here is a diverse range of shops and services offered that reflect the needs of the local population and visitors. Did you know that the city’s bookstore is one of Sweden’s oldest, with over 120 years of history? Welcome to shop, also in December.

Trosa sqaure and bookshop
Photo: Paola Noordh / Trosa turistcenter

Many renowned restaurants can be found in Trosa, offering top-class food from a range of cuisines and serving all year round. There is a wide freedom of choice in Trosa. Really, it is only once the ice takes hold that some harbour restaurants take a winter break. But by all means take the beautiful riverside walk up to the centre, which is just as lovely in every season. The majority of the restaurants can be found on the way, and these are open both for lunch and evening meals.

There are several bakeries in Trosa, where you can buy fresh bread all year round. Or why not stop off upstairs at Visthuset and sample a glass of wine in February? Perhaps an open sandwich at Två Små Svin might be just what you want on a bleak Sunday in November?

At the entrance to Trosa you will find Gallerian Trosaporten, where a health store, skincare store, Trosa Klädhus clothing store, Bolist and Lindkvistiska Kompaniet, a florist, open all year round.

Christmas holiday in Trosa

Trosa municipality has many options for various kinds of overnight stay. Are you looking for a design hotel, or a more classic town hotel? 

During the Christmas holiday, torches are lit along the Trosa River, from the square and right down as far as the harbour. A magical walk, with the light from the torches illuminating the route and the rows of turn-of-the-century houses. What could be more fabulous than that? Or more beautifully wintry.

Large offering in the municipality

There is an active centre in Vagnhärad, with shops, a pizzeria, flea market and hairdressers. At Vagnhärad Saker & Ting, you can buy presents or something nice to take home. Immediately before the exit for Vagnhärad can be found the NA Woody builders’ merchants, while at Hulo you can find everything and more besides. In fact, the shop actually has its own textile printing works. Of course, Hulo is open all year round.

Just outside Vagnhärad, you will find Bomp Design, with furnishings for both indoors and outdoors. In the smaller districts of Västerljung and Sund there are restaurants, farm shops and hotel businesses. Here, you will find the small Sund Nergården hotel, with its world-class cuisine, as well as Wappersta Farm, with its fine organic products and organic meat – good for both the body and the soul.

At Bergs Farm in Västerljung, you can stay, have a coffee and have a good meal. As well as buying locally produced organic meat. Not to mention mountain biking on well-managed MTB tracks. Everything is open all year round.

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