Trosa – rich in cafés

The term ‘Swedish Fika’ is known across the world. The small municipality of Trosa, with its a bit over 14 500 inhabitants, also offers something sweet to suit all tastes. There are no fewer than 16 places for a coffee and snack, each with its own personal touch.

Is there anything more wonderful than walking into a café and being immediately hit by the smell of freshly baked bread? In the background, you can hear the clinking of crockery and the fabulous buzz of people chatting. In front of you there is the lure of gorgeous pastries made from the finest raw ingredients. The coffee is hot and fresh brewed, perhaps topped with frothy milk. Life without a coffee break would be awfully dull!


Everyone should take a coffee break in Trosa

Along the western bank of the Trosa River you will find the classic small pastry shop called MEKKA – affectionately called Nilssons by the inhabitants of Trosa as that was its name for many years. Here, they offer traditional fika bread from their broad and attractive selection in the beautiful old wooden building. In the summer, MEKKA opens up for outdoor service down by the Trosa River.

Next, follow the road down to Garvaregården. Here, you will find filling salads and sandwiches being served in cosy, cultured surroundings. With its origins in the 18th century, it is a finely preserved example of the handicraft farms that used to be found in the area. Feel free to take a look in the delightful town museum, which can be found in the inner courtyard.

Yellow pastry
Photo: Trosa turistcenter

"Fika" in Trosa all year

On the eastern side of the river you will find the small summer café known as Trosa Stadscafé. There are a few spaces inside but it is even more fabulous outside, right next to the river. The wicker chairs are inviting, and you could easily spend an hour or two here, entertained by the impressions of all the people strolling around Trosa.

Visthuset in Trosa is a café, pantry and wine bar all in one. In the beautiful turn-of-the-century surroundings, you will find freshly baked bread, delicious pastries and light lunches. In the pantry, you can buy the tastes of Trosa to take home with you.

Tre Små Rum (Three Small Rooms) is the home of a fantastic pastry chef, with experience as head pastry chef at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, as well as at the famous MR Cake and chocolatier at Restaurant Oaxen. Here, top-class pastries are made from the finest raw ingredients – small and beautiful works of art that melt in the mouth. The leafy inner courtyard offers plenty of space to enjoy lunch, coffee and a cake.

At the Deli Delight café next to the small Skolparken park, you will find a varied collection of food and fika breads.

Three applepies
Photo: Paola Noordh, Trosa turistcenter

French-style apple café – in Trosa

One nation that ‘does’ cafés really well are the French. There are thousands to choose from in Paris alone. But did you know that there is also a French apple café here in Trosa?  At Emils Backe, just a few minutes outside central Trosa, a small new commercial area has been built. During the summer, there is a small selection of furnishings, a bicycle service, garden and then the French-inspired Tarte Tatin Café.

In a refurbished circus wagon, a French-style café has moved in. Here, apples take centre stage. Everything is baked from the delicious flavours of apples. The café is French-inspired and service is accompanied by the sounds of French music. An all-round fun experience in the Sörmland pine forest.

It was the English Duchess of Bedford who, in the 1840s, invented the idea of afternoon tea. During this period, the British upper class ate only two meals a day – breakfast and evening meal. The Duchess was hungry. A few sandwiches, cakes and tea were a compromise to last until evening. But eating alone was dull. She therefore began to invite her friends over, and it was not long before the whole of society followed suit. As Britain was a large colonial power, the concept spread worldwide. Today, Trosa Stadshotell and Bergs Farm serve afternoon tea during some months of the year.

Smörgås och dryck i champagneglas på cafébord/ Sandwich and a drink in a champagne glass on a café table
Photo: Trosa turistcenter

Raw food café in idyllic Sörmland

In a small forest glade just outside Trosa, the environmentally friendly Skogsraw café bids you welcome. Next to a small red house, surrounded by greenery, you will find an exciting selection of green salads, smoothies and raw food coffee snacks. Raw food is vegan food based on vegetables, root vegetables, fruit, berries, cold-pressed oils, nuts, seeds and sprouts that have not been heated above 42 degrees.

In Vagnhärad, you will find the homely Utsikten café. Here, good traditional home cooking and home baked fika bread are served. Everything here is prepared from basics, using the finest raw ingredients in cosy surroundings next to the rippling Trosa stream.

In Trosa municipality – the municipality with the charm of the small town and the choice of the large city – there is definitely a café for everyone and to suit everyone’s tastes. Both the stomach and the eyes will really be satisfied.

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