Västerljung and Vagnhärad – a romantic getaway in countryside heaven

Up for a romantic adventure in tranquil rural nature?
Welcome to Västerljung in the province of Sörmland, a popular destination for those in the know.

A stone’s throw from Trosa lies the idyllic community of Västerljung. Here you are embraced by peaceful nature, a pleasant escape from everyday life. Time may not move slower here than anywhere else, but for a growing number of visitors, Västerljung has become synonymous with mindfulness, peace, and pleasant conversation. Join us for a visit to Västerljung.

Photo: Sund Nergården

Sund Nergården – glamping or a luxurious room

We begin our journey with an overnight stay at the Sund Nergården hotel. In the afternoon, after a short drive surrounded by rolling hills, we arrive at the hotel, which is perched on a hill next to the small Lake Sillen. Awaiting us is something very special. A romantic idyll with genuine charm and personal hospitality. A place of kindness, sympathy, and rest.
The setting is welcoming and relaxing, with a lush garden, a pool, a spa tub, and a sauna down by the lake.

You can either stay in one of the personally decorated rooms, each with its own small patio, or in glamping tents, furnished like any luxurious hotel room, but with nature right outside your tent door. We take a much-needed swim in the pleasant pool to relax our muscles. We’re tired after a great run through the scenic area, where cows have kept us company and the green-yellow fields have framed the horizon.
We order some snacks and talk, enjoying lengthy conversations. There’s nothing to interrupt us here. In our room, we find soft robes and wonderfully scented products in the shower. The book remains unread while we pick out clothes for the evening. The conversation continues. Will the weather stay this nice? And should we check to see if the sauna is available? Life doesn’t get much more complicated here.

Delicious food and drinks

The food is first class, and with beverages handpicked by the sommelier, our meal is a feast in every way. We take our time at the table, slowly enjoying our food. Music is playing softly in the background, weaving into the conversation.
The sauna is available, and we decide to go for an evening swim and watch the sun set over the treetops. After a day here, both body and soul are replenished. Next time, we’ll time our visit with the summer concert that’s usually held here, featuring the very best of the Swedish music elite. We can only imagine how magical it must be with this view as a backdrop.


We eat our breakfast in the small orangery, taking in the view one last time. Our bags are packed, and we check the opening hours of the farm shops located in the area. It’s time to continue to nearby Wappersta Farm Shop. They sell organic meat from natural pastures, sausages, eggs, and home-smoked meat from the farm, but also other environmentally friendly items from local producers. We find several new fun products that are kind to both man and the environment. How exciting to learn more about all the incredible things in the area!

Västerljung has several farm shops

Someone recommends Hillsta Farm Shop to us, which, in addition to home-grown vegetables, offers self-picking of flowers. Rows of flowers in every colour of the rainbow await us, including sunflowers stretching high toward the sky. Such a pretty sight!
We explore all the spices and vegetables. Flavourful, organic, and tasty. We get tips on recipes that sound delicious. Excited, we decide this is a place to come back to.
We end our wonderful day in Västerljung with a stop at the small interior design shop Bomp Inredning, where we buy beautiful crafts. Locally produced in every way. Romance, farm shop, and music sum up our lovely trip. We couldn’t be happier. This road trip truly turned into an excursion for body, heart, and soul.

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