Welcome to Åda Golf & Country Club!

Surrounded by lush forest, Åda Golf & Country Club is situated in the midst of Sörmland nature. Not far from the glittering sea. Located just outside Trosa, the Isoz family has run this popular golf club since 2003. Around the golf course, they have established a friendly and service-oriented business. Guided by the motto “everyone is welcome”. On the golf course, in the hotel, and in the restaurant.

A welcoming establishment

An 18-hole course winds its way beautifully through the landscape. Up to the green forest and past rolling fields. Beginners and expert golfers alike can enjoy first-class golf here. All while being well taken care of by the staff of Åda Golf & Country Club.

Welcoming and quality are keywords that permeate all activities. Lots of time, strength, and energy go into ensuring that the establishment is just that – welcoming and of the highest quality.

The land on which the golf course is built used to be one of the country’s largest enclosures for deer, mouflon sheep, and wild boar. You can still see a herd of magnificent deer stretch their horns and disappear into the forest. Today, all four-legged animals are welcome, with the exception of wild boar, against which the course is protected by means of a one-metre fence.

Small animals like butterflies and bees have their natural habitat here, with beautiful plantations in the area.

Four people playing golf
Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa turistcenter

Third best in Sörmland

In recent years, Åda Golf & Country Club has invested heavily in offering world-class golf. And today, Player 1:st ranks the course the third best in the Province of Sörmland.

The setting is appealing, with the slightly hilly 18 holes gracefully adapted to the lush nature. The course is perfectly balanced. With impressive fairways and immaculate greens. The course is designed to blend into nature and is equipped with effective drainage.

If you want to hone your golf skills, you can practice your technique on the well-kept driving range. There is also a golf school as well as summer camp for the kids. All to offer a wide and solid range of experiences for the whole family.

View over Åda Golf Course
Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa turistcenter
Double bed in a hotel room
Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa turistcenter
Lounge area in restaurant
Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa turistcenter

Historic roots

Åda Golf & Country Club is located next to historic Åda Manor. The name Åda occurs as early as the 13th century when the estate belonged to King Valdemar. Since 1841, Åda Manor is owned by the Isoz family. Development and entrepreneurship have always been driving forces for the estate’s owner. Today, they offer accommodation and activities as well as relaxation.

You can learn more about Åda’s fascinating history through photos and texts that are hung on the wall of the lovely restaurant section.

Everything you need is right here

This place has a lot to offer whether you play golf or not. You will find several opportunities for movement and activities in the area. Why not hike along the Sörmlandsleden Trail that runs right by? Pick up a packed lunch from the restaurant and enjoy a picknick in the forest.

Perhaps you enjoy trail running? If so, you can explore the trails ÅDA, WILD, and BOAR near the establishment.
Three unique trails – 2, 6, and 12 kilometres in length – through the varied and beautiful Sörmland forest. A large tipi tent with a barbeque area is available to rent if you want an exciting experience in nature.

Eat well and sleep well

According to the Golf & Weekend magazine, Åda is one of the country’s greatest golf restaurants. The kitchen serves well-prepared and fortifying food only 50 metres from the first tee.

Here you can enjoy local ingredients in a relaxed and pleasant setting. Look out over the beautiful course from the lovely lounge or, if it’s a cloudy day, you may prefer to sit in the warm and cosy restaurant section. Åda’s motto shines through here as well; everyone is welcome. So, naturally, if you want to enjoy a good lunch in scenic surroundings without playing golf, the door is wide open. And if you want to celebrate a special occasion, you have the perfect facility at your disposal.

Should you choose to stay the night, you can do so in one of the hotel’s 18 lovely double rooms. Located right by the first tee. The rooms are comfortably furnished with continental beds for a pleasant stay. All rooms are on ground level with their own entrance. From the private patio, you can enjoy views of the beautiful golf course. It’s quiet and peaceful. Well taken care of by the owners and staff, you can focus on relaxing and recuperating in spectacular surroundings.

Enjoy Sörmland nature. First-class golf. A welcoming establishment. Welcome to Åda Golf & Country Club.

Photos: Paola Noordh/Trosa turistcenter

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