Trosa Lands church
With its oldest parts originating from the 13th century, this church has beautiful arches from the 15th century and paintings from the 17th century. The church is located between Trosa and Vagnhärad. The sacristy was added in the 1300’s and St Anne’s chapel in the 1400’s. The renowned Christina Gyllenstierna which in year 1520 lead Stockholms defense against the Danes, was buried in this church. She was of the family Bielke who stayed at Tureholm and Ture Bielkes “burial ceremony” is on display in the church today. It consists of one large and sixteen small shields and was used at his funeral year 1577. They are the oldest complete series of such kind that we know from Sweden.
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Trosa town church
Built in 1711. After the russians burned the city in 1719, the church is the only building still remaining from that time.
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Vagnhärads church
The church was built in the 13th century. The pulpit is a magnificent work of the sculptor Anders Larsson.
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Västerljungs church
The oldest parts are from the 12th century. On the private graveyard: the famous Hallwylska monument.
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