Guided tours

Guided tour for companies or groups
Do you want to book a guided tour for your conference/association/company/group of friends?
Price: 1500 SEK for one hour, then 250 SEK every additional half hour.
Booking can be done at Trosa Tourist center. A guide can take a maximum of 50 people in a group, for larger groups, please book more than one guide.
+ 46 (0)156-522 22 or

The Heritage trail and Quiz about Trosa for children

Walk the heritage trail – walk and learn about Trosa at the same time. This is a wonderful way to experience the idyllic small town of Trosa, from the verdant gardens to the narrow alleyways. While the adults do the heritage trail there is even a quiz for the little ones, “Quiz about Trosa for children”. Do the short walk and answer the tricky questions about the places you pass. Come in to us at the Trosa Tourist center to get the brochures, The Heritage trail and Quiz about Trosa for children. Of course we will check your answers and in addition, everyone who does the quiz will receive a small gift.

Read it here or download a pdf.

The tourists, bathers, vacation
What happened when Sweden got vacation? And what happened then in Trosa? Follow the story in words and pictures in the exhibition on the red poles in different locations in the town. Visit them in any order that suits you best. Inge explains when he and his brother rode over half of Sweden with a suitcase full of potatoes. Eva talks about life as settlers and summer visitor in the 1950s. Elisabeth tells of the guest house, the forerunner of today’s “all inclusive” and many more stories. Via a QR code, you can hear how it sounded when the orchestra played dance music at the venue across the strait. English text brochures are available to borrow from Trosa Tourist center. They can also be read via QR codes on each plate. The exhibition is produced by Sörmlands Museum in collaboration with the Municipality of Trosa.