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Here we have listed places to bath in Trosa municipality. Here you can swim in indoor swimming pools, the sea and lakes.

The blue train

The blue train

From the 15/6 to 9/8 (not Midsommer on June 19) 2020 the Blue train goes from the harbor via Trosa square to Trosaporten.

The train is free of charge.

Quiz about Trosa for children
When adults walk “The heritage trail”, the children can do a quiz about Trosa. Welcome to Trosa Touristcenter to get the broschure about the heritage trail and the quiz for children. We can correct the quiz for you afterwards!

Trosa Park Golf
You could say that Park Golf is a mix between mini golf and adventure golf. We have 12 unique courses that are inspired by Trosa. At each level there is a sign that tells a little story. There are also two boulecourts.
We also have a lovely café where you can sit and have an ice cream or a coffee and cake between courses.| Facebook | +46 (0)70-404 16 09
Nyängsvägen 1, 619 34 Trosa


1000 kilometers of hiking in the beautiful countryside. The Sörmland trail takes a circular route through the region of Sörmland, and it passes through a shifting landscape and many historical sites. Visit the Touristcenter for further information.