Biking & hiking

If you do not have access to your own bike, you can rent one at:

Team Sportia, +46(0)156-126 40

Trosa Gästhamn/Apelago, +46(0)10-22 15 200 or

CykelGaraget, +46(0)70-425 40 44


Bergs Gård, +46(0)156-42 00 20 or

Hiking along Sörmlandsleden
1000 kilometers of hiking in the beautiful countryside. The Sörmland trail takes a circular route through the region of Sörmland, and it passes through a shifting landscape and many historical sites. Visit a Touristcenter for further information.

Åda Wild Boar – a unique centre for walking and running
There are three different trails, 6 km and 12 km. All built in the wild boars original forest near Åda Golf course.
Search for Åda Wild Boar on Google to find us.

Trosa hälsostig/Hjärtats väg
A walk is an easy way to get out into the outdoors, get some fresh air and movement. Walking is one of the simplest ways to be physically active. Easy to do just when it suits you and no advanced equipment is required, although a pair of good shoes and clothes-after-weather is recommended.
The distance is approximately 12 km easily accessible road. Also great to take the bike around. This is a taste of what Trosa’s surroundings have to offer.
Download the map here.

Vagnhärad runt
The distance is approximately 5.5 kilometers long. After each kilometer there is a mark, one kilometer marker. You can start and stop wherever you want. Using the selections, you can easily calculate how far you’ve gone. Vagnhärad is the most ancient district in Sörmland with ancient remains from many different periods of time. From Fagerhult to the west to the Loan station in the east, an area of Burial fields from the stone, bronze and iron age, settlements and forests.
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The courses are close to Trosabygdens Orienteering Club’s clubhouse, Häradsvallen in Vagnhärad. The loops are relatively hilly and switches between single track and lots of good overtaking opportunities. The short yard measuring about 1,6 km and is used for P/F 10-12 and P/F 13-14.
The long yard measuring about 2,3 km and is used for P/F 15-16 and H/D Sports.

Bergs Gård mountainbike
At Bergs Gård Trosa we offer a complete arena for mountain biking. We have a Technology area with three different landscaped paths: Pump Track with jump line, Technology track with many different features and a Flow Trail. When you have played in the Technology area, 23 km of trails and loops in the forest are designed, landscaped and marked with MTB in sight and of varying difficulty.

Nordic Trails
Nordic Trails arrange self-guided cycling and walking holidays through the beautiful Sörmland nature with just about everything included such as baggage transfers, bike rental and route notes.
We offer three cycling packages and one walking package, each with at least one overnight in charming Trosa as well as the opportunity to visit local sights including Tullgarn Palace, Stendörren nature reserve, Nynäs Manor and wonderful countryside perfect for cycling and walking.

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Biking around the Trosa-area 
The Tourist center has made four differnet examples on bicycle-tours around the Trosa-area.  There is a map on one side and a description on the other. Make sure to follow the map, there are no signs along the road.

Tullgarnsleden – 12 km
Hungaleden – 13 km + Öbolandet 4 km
Västerljungsleden – 19 km
Nynäsleden – 14 km

MTB Vitalis blue trail

MTB Vitalis yellow trail

MTB Vitalis orange trail

Take your bike along the Näckros bike trail. Experience the wonderful nature by riding your bike on one of the eight bike paths starting from Trosa.
If you like, you can rent a bike at Team Sportia in Trosa, +46 (0)156-126 40

The route extends from Öregrund-Stockholm-Västervik and there are also additional lines in the archipelago and on islands. The coastline creates opportunities for combining bicycle and boat trips.
Svenska cykelsällskapet | +46 (0)8-751 62 04

A trail for anyone who likes cycling. The trail connects at major ferry ports and is therefore easy to reach. The roads have low traffic and maintain a good standard.
Cykelfrämjandet | +46 (0)8-545 910 30
Svenska cykelsällskapet | +46 (0)8-751 62 04