Arts & crafts

Albins & Vera
Here you will find a large assortment of old china and glassware, newly furnishings, textiles, gifts, yarn and haberdashery, tea, sweets, newspapers and magazines and garden accessories.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-15 | Facebook |+46 (0)156-121 00
Västra Långgatan 18, 619 35 Trosa

Anns Ateljé
Ateljé with Ann Sterlinger’s artisan crafts such as paintings, textile sculptures, pin letters, eyeglass cases and more.
For opening hours call or look for the “open” sign outside. | +46 (0)73-182 11 69
Västra Ågatan 49, 619 34 Trosa

Studio Lilla Paradiset
Studio Lilla Paradiset is run by visual artist, art craftsman and author Titti Nyblom Gnosspelius. Arts, crafts and different gadgets. Art exhibitions. Welcome!
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Saturday 11-16 Sunday 12-16 | Facebook | +46 (0)156-137 53 | +46 (0)70-555 48 44
Östra Långgatan 21, 619 30 Trosa

Elmqvist & Roll gold & silver
We are two goldsmiths who have been active in Trosa for more than 20 years. All of our jewelry and objects are designed and uniquely manufactured in our workshop and studio. We make new designs, rework and repairs.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Thursday-Friday 11-18, Saturday 11-14. | +46 (0)76-768 10 33, (0)76-768 10 34
Östra Långgatan 37, Trosa

A place for art and creative expression. Margareta Arnedotter Jansson shows his own works. Also opens up for invited artists from near and far.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open during current exhibitions and events.
Västra Långgatan 43 | 619 35 Trosa

The craft shop at Garvaregården
A large number of artisans show and offer this different high quality handicrafts for sale.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open summertime.
Västra Långgatan 40, 619 35 Trosa

The artisans in Trosa is an arts and crafts association whose vision is to strengthen the range of arts and crafts from Södermanland, create collaborations between artisans and create knowledge clusters and networks in crafts. And our artisans come from all over Södermanland and are based in Trosa.
Bring a dog?
Open: Vardagar 11-16, Weekends 11-14 | Facebook
Östra Långgatan 32, 619 30 Trosa  

Pottery in Trosa
I have a pottery workshop in Trosa’s old tinplate factory . Here you will find items in rolled and qualitative stonemate, everything in poisonous glazes and in lazy color scale.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Summer time 15/6-5/8: Saturdays 12-16
Call at other times.
+46 (0)156-13012 | +46 (0)76-8168005
Västra Ågatan 45 | Margareta Lien

Slapback Vintage & Retro
Here you’ll find, vintage clothing, clothes from the United States, gadgets, home furnishings and toys such as construction sets. We also have newly retro items. If you live further afield and want to make a trip here, give us a call so you know for certain that we are on the spot!
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, last Saturday of the month 10-14
Facebook | +46 (0)156-177 70
Industrigatan 6, 619 33 Trosa

The shop sells everything imaginable donated to the operations at the recycling center Korslöt. All profits go back into the business.
Bring a dog? No.
Opening hours, se website.–atervinning/Atervinningsbutiken/ | +46 (0)156-523 16
Industrigatan 8B, 619 33 Trosa

Trosa Loppis
Supports cancer research.
Open: Wednesday 11-18, Thursday 11-19, Friday 11-18 and the last Saturday each month.
Facebook | +46 (0)70-773 60 62, +46 (0)70-150 77 86
Industrigatan 6, 619 33 Trosa