Every year Trosa municipality organizes a number of markets. From Trosa Market in June with about 20 000 visitors to the harvest markets and Christmas markets. Read more about the markets below.

Trosa Market
The market is organized annually on the 2nd Saturday of June by the Lions Club. There is a saying that the summer begins when it is Trosa Market. From a very modest start in 1960 as a flea market, where the winnings were made by Lions ladies, the market gained its current shape in 1981. The market is visited by 20 000 people. Lions Club members work perfectly ideally with the market and all surpluses are for charitable purposes, including a project in Gambia.
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Trosa Vintage Weekend
Antique market with valuation and flea market at the end of June. Valuation of jewelry, crockery, watches and similare (not clothes/furniture). The valuation is made by antique experts.

Fall market i Västerljung
This autumn market takes place every year at the end of August/beginning of September from 10AM to 2PM outside and in the Västerljung parish home. The market offers crafts, wooden toys, brushes, carpets, knitting and sewing items, books, sweets and lotteries. Local vegetables from the area around Västerljung can be bought. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee while listning to accordion music. The Red Cross participates.

Trosa Harvest and Crafts Market
This market is organized by Trosa Tourist Center on the last Sunday of August from 10AM to 4PM. The old fashioned market is very popular. Focus is on home-grown and self-manufactured products.

Rådstugan, Torget, 619 30 Trosa | 0156-522 22

Trosa Christmas market
The 1st advent every year from 10AM to 3PM. Traditionally old-fashioned market organized by Trosa Tourist Center. Focus on homemade farm products, self-made handicrafts, juices, jams, sewing and carpentry, everything with class and quality.

Rådstugan, Torget, 619 30 Trosa | 0156-522 22

Christmas market at Royal Tullgarn Castle
Saturday and Sunday the 2nd and 3rd Advent, from 11AM to 5PM. The Castle is lit up with torches and marquettes. The Christmas market offers traditional handicrafts as straw craft, wooden craft, candy, sausage, jam, marmalades and knitted products.

Tullgarn, 610 74 Vagnhärad

Trosa Herring Festival

7 cooks and chefs at Trosas hotel, restaurants and cafés. A long history of cutters and fishermen.

The silver of the sea in Trosa
When the beautiful silver-shimmering herring, the silver of the sea, wanders into the archipelago it is time for the first fishing of the season. The traditional fishermen in Trosa, “Skärborgare”, moved out into the archipelago when the fishing season began and Trosa became empty on people. On Christ’s Heavenly Day, we do the opposite – Trosa invites you to the herring festival. Then you can enjoy herring in the traditional way and in new culinary shapes.

If you are a fisherman you can bring the fishing rod and join the family party Troametet which is a 30 years old tradition.

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