Did you know that most of our stores believe in “soft closure”? This means that they continue to stay open if there are many who come just before closing – just a very good service!

We offer a personal shop with a lot of feeling where we mix selected garments from both well-known brands and own imports of unique clothing. We have created boutiques for the fashion conscious woman. Our motto reads; garments to be beautiful on the hanger but even more beautiful on!
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-14
Facebook | +46 (0)156-176 17
Torget 4, 619 30 Trosa

Albins och Vera
Here you will find a large assortment of older glass and porcelain, newly made furnishings, textiles, gift items, yarns, accessories, tea, weekly and daily newspapers, renovated old lamps and garden accessories.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, saturday 10-15, sunday 11-15
Facebook | |+46 (0)156-121 00
Västra Långgatan 18, 619 35 Trosa

Butik Bohem
Interior inspiration in the square of Trosa. Here you will find pillows, candles, candle holders, storage, china, jewelry, vases, toys and much more. All that can be coloring the home corner. We like the Scandinavian peace and international flair. We are bohemians who love to be inspired and challenged by new impressions. We are unpretentious but passionate. We care about the personal and beautiful. We enjoy the luxuries of everyday life; it need not always cost much, but it can do it sometimes.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-15, Sunday 11-15
Website | Facebook| +46 (0)70-694 52 22
Torget 4, 619 30 Trosa

We sell clothes for a casual fashion for women and men of all ages. Scandinavian sizes up to XXL. A satisfied customer is a motto for us. Information and showroom with photos on our website. Always a warm welcome!
Bring a dog? No.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-15
Facebook | +46 (0)156-135 46
Torget 1, 619 30 Trosa

COZY at the corner
In COZY we have gathered carefully selected products. We are a lifestyle store that wants to convey emotion, experience & well-being for you, the children and your home. We have selected & hand-picked suppliers.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 11-18, Saturday 10-15
Website | Facebook | +46 (0)70-736 10 49
Torget 1, 619 30 Trosa

Din Syn – Trosa Optics
We who are working in Trosa Optics have many years of experience in optics and design. Our optometrists are licensed and perform eye exams for both glasses and contact lenses.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18 (closed for lunch 13-14), Saturday on even weeks 10-15
Website | +46 (0)156-405 44
Östra Långgatan 26, 619 30 Trosa

Here you will find everything in consumer electronics from the simplest kitchen radio to the most advanced digital cameras, computers, mobile phones and television sets and household appliances.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday & Sunday 10-14
Webb |+46 (0)156-120 77
Verktygsgatan 3, 619 33 Trosa

Elmqvist & Roll gold & silver
We are two goldsmiths who have been active in Trosa for more than 20 years. All of our jewelry and objects are designed and uniquely manufactured in our workshop and studio. We make new designs, rework and repairs.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Thursday-Friday 11-18, Saturday 11-14.
Website | +46 (0)76-768 10 33, (0)76-768 10 34
Östra Långgatan 37, Trosa

The fashion conscious clothing store in the center of Trosa. We are located at the square, next to Systembolaget. Here you will find clothes for the conscious woman and man. Choose from brands like Eton, Boomerang, Rinascimento, Garcia, Replay, Odd Molly, Isay and many more. We are also distributors of furniture & furnishings from Artwood.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: weekdays 10-18, saturday 10-15, sunday 11-14
Website Facebook | +46 (0)156-140 50
Östra Långgatan 33, 619 30 Trosa

Racket service, sale of rackets, shoes, balls etc.
Open: Monday 17.30-18.30, Thursday 18-20, Saturday 11-14
+46 (0)79-33 67 350 |
Industrigatan 15, 619 33 Trosa

Hagstedt & Wesslau
Exclusive interior design.
Bring a dog?
Öppet: Friday-Saturday 12-16 or by appointment, call or send sms and we will open. | Ann +46 (0)70-444 61 21, Stina +46 (0)70-996 22 50
Erikslunds Gård, 610 75 Västerljung

Himlarum is a painting workshop with sales over the Internet but you are of course always welcome to shop on site! Here you will find hand painted, unique furniture in country shabby chic style, with and without text. You can also order manikins with optional text and motives! There is also a bit of vintage, antique and curio.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Saturday 11-15
Webbsite | Facebook | +46 (0)70-261 52 23
Industrigatan 14, 619 33 Trosa

Holly & Details
We aim to be the world’s smallest “department store”, a shop with selected unique, smart, beautiful, comfortable and affordable products.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 11-18, Saturday 10-15
Website | Facebook | +46 (0)72-530 36 00
Torget 2, 619 30 Trosa

Decoration, furniture and jewelry.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-15
Facebook | +46 (0)156-102 90
Östra Långgatan 26, 619 30 Trosa

Make Up store
The store with everything for your beauty. Ladies and men’s products, makeup, body, accessories, jewelery and more.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-14
Facebook | +46 (0)70-955 78 66
Industrigatan 9A, 619 33 Trosa

A sweet shop and cafe with pastries, chocolates and marzipan in 10 different flavors. You can pick yourself. Manufacturing upstairs.
Bring a dog? No, not inside.
Open: Monday-Saturday 10-18, Sunday 11-17
Website Facebook | +46 (0)156-139 08
Östra Långgatan 27, 619 30 Trosa

Mys vackra ting
You will find rustic home decor, vintage furniture, toys, as well as coffee and tea.
Bring a dog? No.
Open: Saturday 12-16
Facebook | +46 (0)70-713 02 83
Hasselvägen 8, 610 71 Vagnhärad

Lottas Ost & Delikatessbod
The little shop with an exciting assortment of cheese and delicacies in particular from France, smoked cheeses and meats from Gotland, biscuits, spanish crisps, sweets with licorice and much more…
You are very welcome to come in and taste!

Bring a dog? Yes
Open: Tuesday 12-18, Wednesday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-15
Facebook | +46 (0)76 7600929
Östra Långgatan 32, 619 30 Trosa

Pelle P
Pelle P’s clothing collections consist of functional clothing designed to cope with challenging sea, as well as mountain and city challenges. The collections are inspired by Pelle Petterson’s lifestyles and performances as an athlete and include everything from technical sea and ski clothes to garments that are suitable for both the golf course and the city.
Open: Friday-Sunday 11 AM-6PM to the end of August.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: opens summer 2019
Webb |  +46 (0)156-122 91
Fiskargatan 9, 619 30 Trosa

Shoestore Skostället
We are located in an “old” bank building located on Trosa square. The shop is filled with stylish and comfortable women’s and men’s shoes from well known vendors like Dahlin, Gant, Marc O’Polo, Replay, Shepherd, Tamaris, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. Bags from Marc O’Polo, NYPD, Bjorn Borg, Maharani others. Jewelry by Astrid & Agnes, Dyrberg/Kern. Trosa tops from Size 86 cl – XXL
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-15 (Sunday 11-15 in July)
Website Facebook | +46 (0)156-160 13
Västra Långgatan 17, 619 35 Trosa

Systrarna Ute & Inne AB
A broad range of articles such as interior details for outside and inside, fabrics, sewing accessories, sewing, furniture, jewelry, clothing. A very gentle blend of new and frayed.
Our shop and workshop are in the train station house in Vagnhärad.
We also do gardening services on behalf of
both individuals and businesses.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Thursday-Friday 12-18, Saturday 11-15
Webb | Facebook | +46 (0)70-735 15 19, +46 (0)70-350 07 30
Stationsvägen 1, 610 71 Vagnhärad

TEAM Sportia
We offer a wide range of sports and sell products with a high level of knowledge and a great service, everything to make you feel satisfied with your choice! TeamSportia Trosa has a great passion for helping people to live a more active life. We want to help you succeed with your goals at leisure, whether you are an elite or a regular exerciser.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-14
WebsiteFacebook | +46 (0)156-126 40
Östra Långgatan 25, 619 30 Trosa

Trosa antiquarian
Trosa antiquarian opened in 1997. Specialties include shipping, sea, topography fiction and detective stories.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Saturday 11-14
At the harbour: every day during june and july, between 11-17
Facebook | +46 (0)70-654 75 14
Östra Långgatan 37 C, 619 30 Trosa

Trosa Bookstore
A bookstore that also sells tickets for some events, as well as toys and maps.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 9-18, Saturday 10-15, Sunday 11-15
Website | Facebook | +46 (0)156-120 44
Torget 3, 619 30 Trosa

Trosa Järn och Färg, Bolist
Here you will find the most – both for the home and the professional.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 6.30-18, Saturday 9-14, Sunday 10-14
Webb | Facebook | +46 (0)156-214 30
Industrigatan 7, 619 33 Trosa

Trosa klädhus
Big shop with clothes for men and women. There are also alot of nice decorations for sale.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-15
Webb | +46 (0)156-177 03
Industrigatan 9A, 619 33 Trosa

Trosa möbler
Trosa Furniture and Home Decor is a furniture store with a sense of homely and inviting. We work hard to make you feel satisfied! Choose between sofas, beds, food groups and much, much more in our 1800 sqm store.
Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00, Saturday 11.00-15.00, Sunday 11.00-14.00
Webb | +46 (0)156-104 01
Nya Industrivägen 1, 610 71 Vagnhärad

Trosa Stadshotells spabutik
The spa and gift shop with body care products from Kerstin Florian and makeup from Palina. Healthproducts, other skin care articles and scented candles, fragrance lamps and gifts.
Bring a dog? No.
Open: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 9-18 (10-18 during summer), Sunday 10-13
Website Facebook | +46 (0)156-170 70
Västra Långgatan 19, 619 35 Trosa

Vagnhärads Saker & Ting
A trendy giftshop.
Bring a dog? No.
Open: Tuesday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-14
Facebook | 0156-105 40

You can find accessories for computers and cellphones.
We also do repairs on mobile phones, tablets and computers.
Bring a dog? Yes.
Open: Monday-thursday 9-18, Friday 9-16 (Closed for lunch 12-13)
Website | +46 (0)156-266 90
Industrigatan 5, 619 33 Trosa