Trosa vandrarhem
Snipan is located close to the harbour of Trosa and only 500 m from the town square.
Bring a dog? Yes, must be booked in advance.
Västra Långgatan 1, 619 35 Trosa

STF Trosa/Lagnö Studio
Lagnö Studio is a small hostel which is situated by the sea 6 km south of Trosa and has 18 beds. It is beautifully located within walking distance of the beach and sauna, nature reserves, Trosa Golf Course and restaurant during the summer.
Bring a dog? Yes.
STF Studio Lagnö
Lagnö Gård, 619 92 Trosa

Kråmö Skärgårdsby
A beautiful island in the archipelago of Trosa. There is no electricity or running water on the island. There is a well to fetch water and stove and fridge runs on gas.
Bring your dog? Yes. Note that the dog must be on a leash when outdoors, Kråmö is a nature reserve.
Kråmö, Trosa

Sävö Vandrarhem
Sävö Hostel is situated on an Island outside of Trosa. The hostel has 9 rooms and 35 beds. We offer boat tours and conferences. We also have various offers on our website such as birdwatching and fishing.
Bring your dog? Yes, reservation required (only allowed in one room). Note that the dog must be on a leash because Sävö is a nature reserve.
Sävö, 610 75 Västerljung

Vandrarhem Bränneriet på Nynäs Slott
A very decently priced hostel in a unique, historic building. The hostel is located near Nynäs Castle, in the old brewery, which was built in 1801. The building is beautifully situated next to the Runbo lake – only a few hundred metres behind the castle.
Bring your dog? No, not in the brewery but in our small cottages, must be booked in advance.
Nynäs Slott, 611 99 Tystberga