Do you have a motorhome and want to visit Trosa?

At ABC piers  there are place for 13 motorhomes without electricity. You get access to toilets and showers, and here you can also empty the latrines and garbage, without electricity. There are 6 parkingspaces with electricity. You get access to toilets and showers, and here you can also empty the latrines and garbage. Price 360 SEK/day with electricity during high season, 200 SEK/day during low season and 280 SEK/day without electricity during HS and 140 SEK/day during LS.
For more information, see Trosa Gästhamn or call +46 (0)156-50 52 00.  Pre-book a spot at

Trosa beach and camping have space for campers, tents and motorhomes. Price from 220 SEK/day. For more information, see trosahavsbad. 

At Trosa Golf Course There are 10 spaces with electricity. The sites are located about 100 meters from the clubhouse where there are showers and a restaurant. Price 250 SEK/day. 150 SEK/day for golfers who pay green fee. For more information, see trosagk.

At Åda Golf & Country Club there are 4 spaces on gravel grounds. Access to toilet and shower during clubhouse opening hours, power outlets are available. For bookings call +46 (0)0156-182 90. Price: 150 SEK/day. Max 3 days. No empty of latrines or water refill.

There are parkingsspaces for motorhomes on Gustavsbergsgatan, 24 hours, 0-24.

If all the parkingspaces for motorhomes are occupied, we refer to the car park entrance at route 218, at the height of the ICA grocerystore. There it is free to park, parking time is limited to a maximum of 24 hours.

The carpark at the western harbour is intended only for passenger cars, class I.

Other parking lots in the municipality is not intended for the parking of motor homes.

Recommended distance
“Is the tents and trailers too close is a great risk that a fire spreading to the neighbors. It is important that the recommended distance is held. It is your own responsibility as camping guest to ensure that the distances to the neighbors is kept. The distance between two camping units or between a camping unit and a tent should be at least four (4) meters. The distance between two tents should be at least three meters. With camping unit means a caravan or motorhome.