Private rentals

Here is information on private rentals. Note that it is the owners responsibility to ensure that the information is correct. Bookings are made directly through the private individuals.

Idyllic location near Trosa stream
Rooms in a newly built cottage in a quaint location, 2 beds.
Price: 700 SEK/day, 4 200 SEK/week.
Västra Ågatan 31, 619 35 Trosa
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Apartment near Trosa square and stream
One room and kitchen with access to the garden, 2 beds.
Price: 700 SEK/night or 4 200 SEK/week.
Östra Långgatan 19, 619 30 Trosa
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Romantic 18th century house
About 65 sqm, in the middle of Trosa by the stream. There are bedrooms, 2 beds, lounge, fully equipped kitchen, WC shower and access to two patios in a beautiful garden.
Price: 1200 SEK/night for 2 persons, 1000 SEK/night for 1 person, 7200 SEK/week.  Linen hire and cleaning included.
Östra Långgatan 11, Skeppargården, 619 30 Trosa
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A cute red cottage in the centre of Trosa
A cosy house by the harbour in the city centre of Trosa next to the river. Up to 6 beds.
Price: 2 persons 900 SEK/night, additional persons 100 SEK/person and night. The price includes cleaning. It is possible to rent linen and towels for a price of 100 SEK per person.
Östra Långgatan 5, 619 30 Trosa
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17th century newly renovated house
Just a couple of minutes walk to Trosa square, one double bed, pool (only for tenants), large screen TV and WiFi.
Price: 700 SEK/night.
Västra Ågatan 29, 61935 Trosa
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Cottage in the centre of Trosa
One room with kitchenette and sleeping area, 3 beds.
Price: 700 SEK/night. 4 000 SEK/week. Hire linen 100 SEK/person.
Västra Långgatan 13, 619 35 Trosa
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Newly built Smäckbrotorpet ,  35 m2, in central Trosa.
Contains a bedroom with two beds and closet. Bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. Kitchen with stove, fridge and microwave. Livingroom with dining table, TV and closet.
Minimum 2 nights.
Price: 750 SEK/night and 4000 SEK/week.
Smäckbrogatan 15, 619 34, Trosa
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Charming cottage in the centre of Trosa
Cottage about 250 m from Trosa square and harbour, 3 beds.
Price: 750 SEK/2 persons/night, 4 500 kr/week. Extra for sheets, towels and cleaning.
Repslagargatan 5, 619 30 Trosa
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A spacious house with a verdant garden
A big and spacious house 4,5 kilometers from central Trosa. 4 bedrooms with space for 8 persons. Towels and bed linen are included. Final cleaning: 550 SEK.
Price: 1500 SEK/night or 8000 SEK/week.
Dikartorp Almalandet 2, 619 92 Trosa
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Lammsjön, Trosa
A cottage 20 km from Trosa centre, 2 beds (120 cm sofa bed).
Price: HS: 750 SEK/night including linen (June-September) LS: 500 SEK including linen (rest of the year). If you want to rent for a longer period the price can be discussed.
Lammsjövägen 2, 611 99 Tystberga
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Guest house in Trosa for 2 people – Possible to rent from the middle of april
In the house is a sofa bed for 2 people and a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. You have your own bathroom with shower and toilet.
Price: 650 SEK/day, 4000 SEK/week. Payment on arrival. Price includes sheets, towels and cleaning.
Malmvägen 6, 619 34 Trosa
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