Travel quick and easy with Trosabussen. Trosabussen takes you from Trosa to Liljeholmen in Stockholm.

Rates: Red departure ticket 90 SEK. Single ticket 140 SEK. Monthly ticket 1870 SEK. 10 trip ticket 970 SEK. (Please observe! No cash payments on the bus, only credit card). Two children up to 12 years old can ride for free accompanied by an adult.

Where can I buy a ticket?

Trosa: ICA Trossen, Coop Konsum and Trosa Touristcenter

Vagnhärad: ICA

Liljeholmen: COOP Liljeholmen

Bus stops: Trosa harbor, Trosa Centre, Trosaporten (Högbergsgatan), Vagnhärad Railway Station, Liljeholmen (next to “Tvärbanan”)