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Trosa Grill

Adress: Högbergsgatan 29, 619 30 Trosa

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Ketas Bed and Breakfast

Centrally located about 5 min walk from Trosa square. Newly renovated in the lower floor of the villa, two rooms for one party.

Adress: Båtsmansgatan 9, 619 30 Trosa

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Trosa Stadshotell & Spa

A classic City Hotel with genuine charm that preserves local ingredients. The restaurant has both a 19th-century dining room and a modern bistro / bar with outdoor seating in summer. […]

Adress: Västra Långgatan 19, 619 35 Trosa

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Tre Små Rum Kafe & Konditori

Tre Små Rum Café & Patisserie in the middle of picturesque Trosa. With us you can enjoy good food, good pastries, good coffee and a wonderful time inside our restaurant […]

Adress: Östra Långgatan 8, 619 30

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Visthuset is a cafe, pantry and wine bar in a single concept. We are open all year round and serve our own coffee bread and our own pastries along with […]

Adress: Östra långgatan 27, 619 30 Trosa

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Åda Golf & Country Club

Åda Golf & Country Club is a popular golf course between the forest and the sea in Trosa. Here you will find a golf course, restaurant, hotel and shop. Here […]

Adress: Åda, 619 91 Trosa

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Trostorp Hembygdscafé

In summer we serve coffee and swedish fika with homemade coffee bread.

Adress: Trostorp, 610 70 Vagnhärad

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In the middle of the harbor is Tullhuset right by the Trosaån river.

Adress: Östra Hamnplan 5, 619 31 Trosa

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Kråmö Skärgårdsby

The standard of the cottages is simple, equipped with electricity but you get water in the well on the island. The luxury of Kråmö is outside the door, in the […]

Adress: Kråmö skärgårdsby , Trosa

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Tarte Tatin cafe

In an old fallow meadow, we have rolled in our circus wagon and started a cafe in French country style. Welcome to the 1960s! The theme is apples in all […]

Adress: Emils Lund 5, 619 92 Trosa

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Sund Nergården

Sörmland’s oasis for adults with good food, lots of wine and swimmingpool. When you book an overnight stay with us, most things are included in the price and we call […]

Adress: Sund Nergården, 619 94 Vagnhärad

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Trosa Stadscafé

At Stadscaféet, we hope you will find your favorite coffee and good light food. We think sustainable and good raw materials. We have places inside but most places outside where […]

Adress: Östra Ågatan, 61930

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Garvaregården café

Take your time and experience a craft farm dating back to the 18th century, in the middle of Trosa. Here, Bergs Gård serves coffee and lunch during the summer.

Adress: Västra Långgatan 40, 619 35 Trosa

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Naturdesign ”Fyra små rum”

We have four rooms, a family room with 4 beds, a double room with cooking facilities, a double room and a single room with shared kitchen, living room and shared […]

Adress: Nyängsvägen 53, 619 34 Trosa

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Ankaret, serves lunch, á la carte & pizza with carefully selected ingredients in the middle of central Trosa.

Adress: Östra Långgatan 24B, 619 30 Trosa

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Sävö Hostel & Café

Hostel and cafe in genuine and unspoiled nature on an island in Trosa’s southern archipelago. Here you have the sea as a neighbour.

Adress: Ekviken 1, Sävö, 619 95 Västerljung

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Trosa Bistro & Bar

Restaurant serving barbecue, buffets and Thai.

Adress: Västra Långgatan 21, 61935

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Hamngårdens Café & Glasseria

In Hamngården’s courtyard there is a cozy café that serves delicious cooked lunches, cakes & sandwiches. Here is also our ice cream series with everything you could wish for.

Adress: Fiskargatan 9, 619 31

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At Havrevretens gård you can stay in one of our comfortably furnished and luxurious glamping tents and enjoy a two-course dinner overlooking the lake with private jetty and sauna. If […]

Adress: Havrevretens Gård, 619 95 Västerljung

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Tre Små Rum B&B

Tre Små Rum offers you accommodation in a beautiful environment in the heart of the idyllic city. The courtyard is unobstructed and offers a pool and comfortable lounge furniture to […]

Adress: Östra Långgatan 8, 619 30 Trosa

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Trosa golfklubb restaurant

Here you can eat well-prepared food in a fantastic environment. Food made with locally produced ingredients and a lot of feeling.

Adress: Trosa Golfklubb, 619 92 Trosa

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Kölsvinet is the beating heart in the middle of Trosa guest harbour.

Adress: Uddbergagatan 2, 619 31 Trosa

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Trosa Matstudio

Loving cooking and cordial service are the key words for the food studio in Trosa. Everyday lunches, parties, pick-up, catering, lunch boxes, summer evenings are part of what we offer. […]

Adress: Västra Långgatan 9, 619 35 Trosa

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Trosa Havsbad & Camping

A camping gem surrounded by magnificent archipelago views. Glamping, camping, motorhome parking and cabins.

Adress: Rävuddsvägen 42, 619 31 Trosa

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Fina Fisken

Fina Fisken is a restaurant with a long tradition. Ever since 1974, fish and shellfish have been served here. The restaurant is located in the summer town of Trosa in […]

Adress: Fiskargatan 12, 61931 Trosa

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Sävö Gård

The farm café is housed in the world’s most beautiful archipelago home. Sävö gård lies as if in a small pot, sheltered from the wind. 

Adress: Sävö, 619 95 Västerljung

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Trosa vandrarhem

Trosa hostel is centrally located by the harbor in Trosa, about 500 meters from the square. There are single rooms, double rooms, 3- and 4-bed rooms. Three cottages with 4 […]

Adress: Västra Långgatan 1, 61935

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Trosa Sjökrog

Our restaurant’s kitchen serves smoked and grilled delicacies that can be enjoyed on our large two-level outdoor terrace or indoors in our beautiful restaurant, which is decorated in classic archipelago […]

Adress: Fiskargatan 9, 619 31 Trosa

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Trosa Parkgolf icecream café

Café, park golf and boules courts can be found at Trosa Parkgolf. Here you will find organic coffee and tea, iced tea and all kinds of ice cream.

Adress: Nyängsvägen 1, 619 33 Trosa

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Punschkällaren is a small and cozy restaurant where we offer homemade dishes made from first-class ingredients. We have taken inspiration from French and Italian cuisine and we also offer Swedish […]

Adress: Torget 6, 619 35 Trosa

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Bergs Gård

Bergs Gård is a destination in Sörmland, an experience with mtb arena, accommodation, activities, farm shop and cafe. The mtb arena has several tracks in the forest and pump tracks. […]

Adress: Bergs Gård, 619 95 Västerljung

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Algoth på udden

At Trosa Havsbad & Camping, Algoth is located on Udden. The archipelago tavern opened its doors for the first time in the summer of 2022. A new archipelago tavern with […]

Adress: Rävuddsvägen 42, 619 31 Trosa

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Trosa Sushi

At Trosaporten you will find this restaurant which has both sushi and other main courses.

Adress: Verktygsgatan 2B, 619 33 Trosa

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Bomans Hotel & Restaurant

Adress: Östra Hamnplan, 61930 Trosa

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Café and restaurant with beautiful views of the Trosaån river in Vagnhärad.

Adress: Stationsvägen 7, 610 70 Vagnhärad

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Två Små Svin BnB

Charming accommodation and restaurant by the stream in central Trosa

Adress: Östra Långgatan 7, 619 30 Trosa

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Skogs RAW

Come out and enjoy the tranquility of the forest with a healthy super good coffee. Organic, locally produced and vegan.

Adress: Viksnäsviken Bergbacka, Trosa

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