Frequently asked questions


About Trosa

According to place name researchers the name is likely connected to the old islandic word “traður” (reluctant, unwilling) and refers to the calm and gentle flow of the Trosa stream. Another explanation is that Trosa originates from the word “os”, which means stream mouth. Trosa is mentioned for the first time in writing in a mideval document from the year 1383. The name Trosa was used long before the name for the garment was coiled. You can read more about Trosa’s history here.

At Trosa tourist center you can receive the brochure ”The Heritage Trail”.

Experience/See & do

Between the mill in Trosa and the stream mouth, you can fish with a permit between Januari 1st and september 15 th. Check the current fishing regulations when purschasing a fishing permit. For fishing in the Baltic Sea, you do not need a fishing license. Do not to fish from bathing jetties and private land. Find more informaiton about fishing in Trosa here.

Yes, find more information here.

The Blue Train

You do not need a ticket for the Blue Train. The timetable and more information can be found here.

Absolutely, if there is enough space. Dogs sit on the floor.

No, baby strolleys are not allowed on the train.


You can find more information about Trosa municipalities markets here.

Ice cream can be found in many places, see all of Trosa’s cafés and places that serve ice cream here.

You can for example find souveniers and gadgets with Trosa print on at the bookshop, Rosvalls, Skostället and in one of the red harbour cottages.

They do not have any common opening hours. They are usually open daily during the summer’s peak season.


Public bathrooms can be found in five different places in Trosa. Near the red cottages by the harbor, at the town liberary, next to the grocery store Coop, at the playground ”Spindelparken” and on ”Västra Hamnplan”(west side of the harbour).

In Trosa municipality’s premises, for example the library, you can connect to TrosaWiFree. You need to register and then you have access to Trosa WiFree for 24 hours. The password is “”.

Parking is free of charge, but in many places a parking disk is required. You can recieve a parking disk from for example Trosa tourist centre, Coop or Ica Trossen.

For more information and a map to car parks, visit


There is four public beaches and one indoor swimming pool. Trosa Havsbad, Sillebadet, Borgmästarholmen, Komötet and the indoor swimmingpool Safiren.

You can read more about the beaches and swimming pool here.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to let your dog swim at the public beaches between June and August. We recommend using natural beaches.

If you have other questions, please let us know!