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The Heritage trail

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There is plenty of art to discover in Trosa. Some galleries and studios open during the summer, while others can be visited year-round. A common feature for most is that twice a year they open up for the “KonstTriangeln” (Art Triangle). During tKonstTriangeln, artists exhibit their works both in their own spaces and in a collective exhibition at Skärborgarnas Hus.

Some of the places where you can enjoy art are not galleries or studios. For example, BlomAteljén is a flower shop, and at Bomans Hotel, you can find a multitude of beautiful photographs. 

Kvinna som binder blomsterbukett i butik


A flourishing shop where art also finds a place. Here, exhibitors are given the opportunity to hang their works on the walls among beautiful potted plants and cut flowers.

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Broderade yllefoglar upphängda i ett träd.

Anns ateljé

The studio is filled with wool embroideries. Birds, bracelets, and cases – everything is embroidered with wool yarn on woolen fabric.

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Grupp som står på bro vid å


Do you wish someone to guide you and your company around Trosa? Send a request to one of our guides. All contact is made directly with the guide.

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Historisk bild på Trosaån från Villabron med polkarandiga stolpar vid ån

The Heritage trail

Go for a selfguided tour around central Trosa. The tour takes about 1 hour and you will pass by shops, cafés and restaurants along the way.

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Nynäs slott fotograferad ovanfrån/A yellow castle pictured from above

Excursions in Sörmland

Feeling like going on an excursion? Why not take a detour and discover a different kind of road, beyond the rush and all too familiar fast-food chains. Sörmland has so

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