Discover unique shops with personal service and a handpicked selection – a pleasant contrast to the large department stores and malls.


Gult hur med röd dörr och en röd gatupratare i trä framför.


Here, you’ll find various artisan crafts including ceramics, silver, textiles, wood, and concrete. We have a gallery and a store where artisans showcase and sell their creations.

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Porträtt av en kvinna/Portrait of a woman


We have handpicked women’s and children’s clothing of high quality and a carefully curated selection of cozy interior details.

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Tavla på en vägg, växter framför


A flourishing shop where art also finds a place. Here, exhibitors are given the opportunity to hang their works on the walls among beautiful potted plants and cut flowers.

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Kviinna mot ljus bakgrund. Foto: Maria Jarefalk Jarefalkphotography

Hippie Home

Hippie Home is a lifestyle store featuring carefully curated interior products and clothing in a warm color palette.

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Farm shops

Rött hus med butiksskylt

Sörbro Gård

We work in harmony with nature to produce the highest-quality, nutritious food: goat milk, cheese and yoghurt, vegetables, pasture-raised eggs and grass-fed meat.

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Entré till trähus

Tofsö Deli

If you are looking for elk and reindeer meat, sausages, Kalixl roe and various types of fish, you should go to Tofsö deli. In its shop section, which is also

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Kvinna i lucka till cirkusvagn/Woman in door to circus carriage

Emils backe

A circus wagon containing the apple café Tarte Tatin Café, a lifestyle shop, fresh vegetables and pick-your-own flowers. Emils Backe is worth a visit!

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Kvinna bakom serveringsdisk/Woman behind a serving counter

Trosa is open all year round

Trosa is a cosy, picturesque town that every year ends up high on lists of Sweden’s most attractive towns and most popular visitor destinations. The delightful location close to the archipelago and the walks along the beautiful Trosa River are frequently mentioned as excursion tips for the summer. However, Trosa is a living district that offers service, retail, food, accommodation, events and leisure activities all year round!

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Flaskor med dricka på en trähylla.

Farm shops in the Trosa countryside

Time for an exciting trip among garden profiles, vegetable growers and farm shops. The countryside around Trosa is brimming with growing power, with plenty to offer visitors with an interest in plants and food.

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Kvinna som pysslar om blommor


Trosaporten – there’s more here than you might know! Shops, fleamarket, wellness, family activities and more.

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Nynäs slott fotograferad ovanfrån/A yellow castle pictured from above

Excursions in Sörmland

Feeling like going on an excursion? Why not take a detour and discover a different kind of road, beyond the rush and all too familiar fast-food chains. Sörmland has so

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