Farm shops in the Trosa countryside

Time for an exciting trip among garden profiles, vegetable growers and farm shops. The countryside around Trosa is brimming with growing power, with plenty to offer visitors with an interest in plants and food.

We take an empty picnic basket along for the trip, as we will be shopping on the way. Fill your stomach and basket with fresh vegetables, meat from organic farmers and beautiful plants. We want to discover the local artisan food. To find out more about flowers and leaves. About what is edible and appetising. About animals and nature. We just feel like a green experience in the beautiful Trosa countryside.

Trosa municipality has a long and winding history. There have been people living in the area since the Stone Age. This is shown from the archaeological findings in the area. The landscape has been altered by both changes in climate and man’s use of the land. Today, the active and interesting economy is a large part of what makes the municipality so fantastic. It is one where many people still use the land in various ways.

Gårdsbutik där person välkomnar/Farmshop with staff
Photo: Bergs Gård

Västerljung’s largest farm shops

We set the GPS for Västerljung. Here, there are said to be a number of exciting players offering this and that. The road is bordered by undulating fields and the magnificent Sörmland nature. A lake glistens in the background. We turn off the road and head for the Hillsta Farm Shop. The Hanner family has been farming the land here since 1954, and today a large selection of vegetables are available for sale. These vary according to season and availability. During the summer, they also offer the opportunity to pick your own strawberries, potatoes and flowers. We pick a basketful of the red berries and understand why they are called nature’s diamonds – beautiful and sweet.

Our next stop is the Wappersta Farm Shop. The farm is widely known for its organic cattle production. Wild salmon, sausages, fowl and fish are also sold during the year at Wappersta, which also places great value on selling food that has been produced in a sustainable way, both for people and animals.
The charming shop also sells a small range of delicacies and gifts. We stay for a while, talking to the owners of the farm. They offer some small, useful tips on how to think in an environmentally friendly way when it comes to food and vegetables.

We now want to go to the other side of Västerljung, where Bergs Farm awaits us. Here, you can stay in the picturesque natural surroundings of the farm, or in one of the farm’s various accommodation options by the sea. Bergs Farm calls itself an adventure farm as they also offer activities for all ages. Today, we are mostly interested in their farm shop. It is well stocked with delicacies, both from the farm’s own beef production and with products from other flavoursome local producers.

Field of flowers
Hillsta - Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa Tourist Center
Vegetables in shop
Wappersta - Photo: Paola Noordh, Trosa Tourist Center
Flaskor med dricka på en trähylla.

Organic produce at Västerljungs Blommor

Västerljungs Blommor is our next stop. A delightful nursery, where no chemical pesticides are used and where everything is organically grown. We find a fabulous selection of summer flowers, tomato plants and herbs. Here, you can walk around for a good while and choose from among the various types that grow here. And there are almost 100 types from which to choose. As luck has it, they serve coffee and buns.

We now head for Vagnhärad and Nora Garden. This is not so named because someone called Nora runs the garden shop; rather, Brita is on hand with her knowledgeable staff. At Nora Garden you will find a personal selection of plants and garden products. The surroundings are leafy and inspiring, with small oases of verdant vegetation. Most of what we see we could happily take home with us.
So, what about the name? Well, there are several rune stones in the area, and the Vikings passed, among other things, the Nora Stones. Nora Farm can also be found on a map from 1679. So Nora Garden has not only its beautiful flourishing shop but also an exciting cultural history.

After our exciting trip to the verdant world of Trosa municipality, we feel uplifted by the knowledge and our fabulous green encounters.

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