Farm shops in the Trosa countryside

Time for an exciting trip among garden profiles, vegetable growers and farm shops. The countryside around Trosa is brimming with growing power, with plenty to offer visitors with an interest in plants and food.

Vegetables in shop
Wappersta - Photo: Paola Noordh, Trosa Tourist Center

Wappersta Farm Shop is located in Vagnhärad. The farm’s own organic beef production is widely renowned. Throughout the year, Wappersta also sells wild salmon, sausages, poultry, and fish, placing great importance on selling food that has been produced in a sustainable way, benefiting both people and animals.

A small selection of delicacies and gifts is also available in the charming store. We spend a good while there, chatting with the farm owners. They offer valuable tips on how we can think eco-friendly when it comes to food and vegetables.

Large selection of local products

We head towards Västerljung and make our way to Hillsta Farm Shop. The Hanner family has been cultivating the land here since 1954, and today, they offer a wide selection of vegetables for sale, which varies according to the season and availability. During the summer, they also offer self-picking of strawberries, potatoes, and flowers. We fill our basket with these red berries and understand why they are called nature’s diamonds. Both sweet and beautiful.

Our next stop is Västerljung Flowers, a delightful nursery where everything is grown organically. We find a fantastic range of summer flowers, tomato plants, and herb spices. Here, you can spend a really long time choosing from the different varieties that grow here, and there are nearly 100 varieties to choose from. For Advent, the greenhouse opens up with wreaths, amaryllis, and other delightful Christmas items.

After that, we set our course for Bergs Farm. Here, you can stay in a scenic setting on the farm or at one of the various accommodations by the sea. Bergs Farm calls itself an experience farm because they also offer activities for all ages. Today, however, it’s primarily their farm shop that interests us. Well-stocked with delicacies, including the farm’s own organic beef, as well as products from other flavorful local producers.

Gårdsbutik där person välkomnar/Farmshop with staff
Photo: Bergs Gård
Field of flowers
Hillsta - Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa Tourist Center

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