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News 2024

There are lots of new places and activities to explore this year! Welcome to Trosa, Vagnhärad and Västerljung!

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Litet blåvitt tåg i stadsmiljö

The Blue Train

We’re eagerly counting down the days until the beloved Blue Train starts rolling again! The first journey of the year is set for June 24th, and then it runs along every day until August 4th.

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Mycket människor på marknad

Events 2024

This is a selecction of happenings and events in Trosa, Vagnhärad och Västerljung during 2024. What would you like to do?

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Flera padelbanor, några spelar

Padel and tennis

In Trosa, there are several padel and tennis courts. You have the opportunity to play both indoors and outdoors. You can play tennis and padel at several locations in the

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Kvinna som pysslar om blommor


Trosaporten – there’s more here than you might know! Shops, fleamarket, wellness, family activities and more.

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Grupp som står på bro vid å


Do you wish someone to guide you and your company around Trosa? Send a request to one of our guides. All contact is made directly with the guide.

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Två cyklister på Trosa torg/two people riding bikes


Discover the area around Trosa from a bike! We have gathered some tour suggestions with different lengths and levels of difficulty as well as bicycle guides, rentals and mtb-arena.

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Stor gammal ek i förgrunden, rött gammalt hus i bakgrunen

Sävö island

A lovely island just a 10-minute boat ride from Källvik’s pier. Here you’ll find STF hostel, cottages via Airbnb, a café, and the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail.

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Tjej i gul kajak

Kayaking and SUP

You can slip among the islets and skerries of the stunning archipelago of Trosa Municipality in a kayak – and no driving licence required.

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Kvinna i lucka till cirkusvagn/Woman in door to circus carriage

Emils backe

A circus wagon containing the apple café Tarte Tatin Café, a lifestyle shop, fresh vegetables and pick-your-own flowers. Emils Backe is worth a visit!

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Convenient hiking package with accommodation or hiking on your own? There is something here for everyone, regardless of level or hiking experience.

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Fyra personer på en golfbana/Four people on a golf course

Play golf in Trosa

There is something for everyone who wants to play golf in Trosa! Two 18-hole courses, mini golf courses and disc golf. There are even indoor golf!

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Flaskor med dricka på en trähylla.

Farm shops in the Trosa countryside

Time for an exciting trip among garden profiles, vegetable growers and farm shops. The countryside around Trosa is brimming with growing power, with plenty to offer visitors with an interest in plants and food.

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Historisk bild på Trosaån från Villabron med polkarandiga stolpar vid ån

The Heritage trail

Go for a selfguided tour around central Trosa. The tour takes about 1 hour and you will pass by shops, cafés and restaurants along the way.

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Nynäs slott fotograferad ovanfrån/A yellow castle pictured from above

Excursions in Sörmland

Feeling like going on an excursion? Why not take a detour and discover a different kind of road, beyond the rush and all too familiar fast-food chains. Sörmland has so

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Personer som fiskar i å


Fishing with a fishing license in Trosaån from 1 January to 14 September. Or join a fishing trip with a fishing guide. In Trosa municipality, there are great opportunities for regulated recreational fishing, both on your own or with a guide.

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