Exploring Trosa’s Dog-Friendly Locations

Being a dog owner isn’t always a walk in the park, especially when you’re gearing up for a vacation full of adventures and new places to sniff. The eternal question? “Can my dog join the fun?” Well, fear not! Thor, the lovable mixed breed, took it upon himself to check out just how dog-friendly Trosa really is. The verdict? Two paws up! Trosa’s fantastic business owners have made it a breeze for us dog enthusiasts to vacation and chill with our furry pals.

As always, it’s important to keep an eye on your dog and show consideration to everyone around. Even though many restaurants, cafes, and shops allow dogs to accompany their owners, it’s good to check the situation beforehand. Perhaps there is someone afraid of dogs just inside the door or an allergic person at a table in the corner. By collaborating, we can all have a memorable and delightful experience!

Indoor and Outdoor Delights

On the days when Thor has been out putting our beautiful little town to the test, the weather has been sunny and warm. We are delighted to see that more than one shop and restaurant has water bowls set out, a clear sign that man’s best friend is welcome in Trosa.

When it’s time for a coffee break, we prefer a shady outdoor spot on these warm days, and luckily there are plenty! If you want to sit outside and eat or have a coffee, Thor and I have not found a place where we haven’t been welcome. Fortunately, there are also many indoor options to choose from even if an indoor table is tempting for the day. At Tre små rum, for example, you can sit inside if there is space in the first room, while the back is pet-free.

In addition to outdoor seating, Trosa Stadshotell also offers seating in the lounge and bistro, and at Visthuset, dogs are welcome indoors.

At Trosa Parkgolf, dogs and their owners are welcome in the café and greenhouse. However, dogs are not allowed on the artificial grass on the courses

Hund på en stol i en park med glass framför

Dog-Friendly Shopping in Trosa

During your visit to Trosa, it can be enjoyable to explore some of the charming shops. During my tour with Thor, we check out the offerings at places like Perspektivet and Holly & Details. Even Cozy at the Corner proudly welcomes dogs inside, so it’s indeed possible to indulge in some shopping during your vacation – even with your furry friend! Several stores allow dogs to accompany you inside, so inquire at the specific store you wish to visit.

Active Vacation

Trosa and its surroundings offer several beautiful places to explore where your dog is also welcome.

Visit Trosa Aktivitetspark – a high-altitude course with a café. You and your dog can walk in the forest and cheer on friends up in the treetops. There is also a barbecue area here.

If you want to explore Trosa’s archipelago, you can take a trip to Kråmö or Askö with the passenger boat M/S Brännskär.

If hiking is your preference, we recommend the Sörmlandsleden trail, which passes through various parts of Trosa municipality, offering lovely paths, roads, and fantastic views.

Welcome to Trosa!

We can conclude that there is much to experience and many places to visit even when your four-legged friend is on vacation with you. In the box above, you’ll find some additional items that can make your dog ownership easier. Trosa welcomes everyone!

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