Utflyktsvägen – a living country road through Sörmland

Utflyktsvägen winds from Stockholm’s southern archipelago all the way to Bråviken. Along the beautiful road, over 100 coastal destinations wait to be explored by anyone daring to leave the E4 for a while.

Keen for an excursion? Why not turn off the highway and find a different kind of road, beyond the frenzy of overtaking and all-too-familiar fast food chains.

Along Utflyktsvägen you will find handicrafts, historical sites, cosy hotels, farm shops and – above all – be able to experience the beauty of nature. Come with us on a road trip from Trosa in Sörmland and down to Bråviken.

A red house with a stair made in stone.
Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa Touristcenter

Road trip through Sörmland

We have created a really great playlist for today’s road trip and poured the coffee into the thermos flasks, but we are aiming to call for something good to eat along the way. The map is packed, downloaded from Utflyktsvägen’s website. We love excursions. Spending time together in the car is a delight. Having time to chat and just be together. If the children are with us, we will play word games and choose some music.
Yellow house
Photo: Utflyktsvägen

Turn off at Vagnhärad

After the exit from the motorway we pass Vagnhärad. Here, you will find everything from attractive restaurants, delightful shops and the beautiful Trosa River. This time, though, we continue southwards, curious to see what we will find there. We pass the Nora Gardens – a Mecca for anyone interested in gardens. Trosa Lands Church looms large along the road. Just think that its oldest parts originate from the 13th century and that its construction began in connection with the mediaeval town of Trosa.

The discussions flow in the car. What was it actually like to be a child in the 13th century? Did they even go to school then?

At Trosa, we turn onto Smäckbrovägen and have the chance to see the beautiful turn-of-the-century houses along the Trosa River. If you have the time and inclination, you can stop here at Garvaregården, a handicraft farm with origins from the 18th century that now houses a museum and café.

A yellow castle
Photo: Peter Holgersson

Café visit at Emils Backe

We continue through the small archipelago town and pass the delightful Tureholm castle. Here, we make a quick stop at Emils Backe, where a small commercial area has opened up. A tasty apple cake and a cup of coffee are just the ticket. We then wander for a while among the small shops, which have a fine little selection of furnishing and gardening products. The sea can be glimpsed in the background. A delightful little break.

We continue towards Västerljung and the undulating Sörmland fields take over. We stop off at the Hillsta Farm Shop to buy some vegetables and spices. That will go well with the organic sausage that we bought the last time we were at Bergs Farm. A nice lunch on the portable stove will be just perfect. You see, today we are happy to eat amid the beauty of nature.

We have never been to the Prince Alexander viewpoint at Lake Gisesjön before, but it proves to be a really good lunch stop. A large car park and plenty of space next to the stunning lake. The sun is high in the sky, and a swim is a nice way to cool down after a few hours in the car.

Along the road we also see signs for Glamping. Havrevreten is nearby. Imagine being all snug in real beds, but in a tent. What luxury! That will have to wait until next time. This time, our accommodation has been booked at Nävekvarn, on Bråviken’s northern shore.

And what a fantastic day it is. We get to see the nature of Sörmland and its undulating countryside and charming lakes at close quarters. We pass yet another castle where the road turns past Nynäs castle. We see the glistening sea out of the corner of our eye. Next time, we will visit one of the many unique nature reserves that can be found here.

If you wish to continue all the way to the final stop on the Excursion Route, you will find signs along the coast southwards and on through Tunabergsbygden, Kolmården and down towards Norrköping.

Imagine what you can find. If you just turns off. And find another road.

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