Family fun

Discover the children’s favorites! Here you will find vacation tips, destinations, activities, events, and experiences for the whole family.

Free of charge

  • Playgrounds
  • Trosa skatepark 
  • Blå tåget – The Blue Train (summertime)
  • Quiz: Find & guess (also in german, Finde und rate)
  • Look for “Hitta ut” (available spring-summer-fall)
  • Play games, read magazines and books at one of our libraries 

Find & guess - quiz

Pick up the brochure “The Heritage trail” and the quiz walk “Find & guess” at the Trosa Tourist Center and take a stroll through the center of Trosa. All children who come to the tourist center with their completed quiz will receive a keyring. 

BBQ spots

Bring the kids on an excursion! In several places around the municipality there are barbecue spots waiting for you. Maybe you will buy something from one of the local farm shops in Trosa and grill the produce with your family?

Search "Hitta ut"

Search for checkpoints and discover new places. Register your checkpoints and participate in the drawing for gift cards from Trosa’s businesses. Possible in spring, summer, and autumn. Suitable for both young and old as there are checkpoints of varying difficulty levels.

Parks and green areas

Are you only looking for an area to hang out at, play football or just sit and eat the ice cream you just bought? Here you can find parks and green areas for all kinds of activities.


Höghöjdsbana i Trosa

Trosa aktivitetspark

High-altitude course with 7 courses of varying difficulty and ziplines from 1 – 15 meters up in the air. Finish with the 15 meter jump “Horizon” if you dare! From

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Tjej i gul kajak

Kayaking and SUP

You can slip among the islets and skerries of the stunning archipelago of Trosa Municipality in a kayak – and no driving licence required.

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Kvinna som vandrar i skog med hund. Skylt i förgrunden.


Convenient hiking package with accommodation or hiking on your own? There is something here for everyone, regardless of level or hiking experience.

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Flera padelbanor, några spelar

Padel and tennis

In Trosa, there are several padel and tennis courts. You have the opportunity to play both indoors and outdoors. You can play tennis and padel at several locations in the

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Nynäs slott fotograferad ovanfrån/A yellow castle pictured from above

Excursions in Sörmland

Feeling like going on an excursion? Why not take a detour and discover a different kind of road, beyond the rush and all too familiar fast-food chains. Sörmland has so

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Personer som fiskar i å


Fishing with a fishing license in Trosaån from 1 January to 14 September. Or join a fishing trip with a fishing guide. In Trosa municipality, there are great opportunities for regulated recreational fishing, both on your own or with a guide.

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