Convenient hiking package with accommodation or hiking on your own? There is something here for everyone, regardless of level.

Around Sörmland, the Sörmlandsleden runs with a thousand kilometers of hiking divided into 94 different stages and 40 different circular loops. In Trosa municipality there are stages 53-56.

There are also other hiking and walking loops here, such as the “Hjärtats väg”, “Vagnhärad runt”, “Åda Wild Boar Trail”, “Ekhagen’s nature trail” at Bergs Gård, “the Architecture round” at Emil’s backe and “the Heritage Trail” city walk in Trosa.

We have also developed suggestions for bicycle loops. These are just as good for hiking.

Tre personer på en skogsväg/Three persons on a track
Sävö has Sörmlandsleden 53:2

Hiking packages

Several of our accommodations offer wonderful hiking packages. For example, how about hiking on beautiful stage 56 from Tullgarn to Trosa, sleeping in comfortable beds, enjoying a good dinner and spa at Trosa Stadshotell? Trosa Stadshotell also offers hiking and spa without overnight stays.

Or why not hike stage 55 from Gisekvarn to Trosa and spend the night at Boman’s hotel?

Stage 56 starts from the royal Tullgarn palace and then goes along the coast to Trosa. The stage offers beautiful views out over the sea and you pass Komötets bathing area on the way.

Stage 55 offers both a forest walk, a magical little woodland lake and beautiful views out over the sea from rock outcrops.

Tre Små Rum, Havrevreten and Sävö hostels also offer hiking packages.

5 day hiking experience along the Sörmland coast

Hike on the Sörmlandsleden along the coast for five days. In this package, you hike from 3-18 km per day, about 50 km in total during your stay.

Enjoy beautiful views, old forest, mountains and sea. The luggage is taken care of and transported to the next accommodation. The adventure starts in Trosa and takes you further south along the coast. Accommodation is B&B, hostel and glamping.


Accomodation with nature experiences

The right of public access (Allemansrätten)

Thanks to the right of public access, we can move freely in nature. Always remember the motto “do not disturb, do not destroy” when in nature.

Never lit a fire directly on rock slabs. They crack and it leaves ugly wounds in nature that cannot be repaired. In the event of a drought, a general fire ban may apply. For updates on the fire situation, read the respective municipality’s website or msb.se

Leave no trace! All rubbish you have taken out to sea, you must bring ashore. Littering is prohibited.

Please read more about the right of public access at Naturvårdsverket.


Hiking in Sörmland

Use Visit Sörmlands planning tool to plan your hiking. Right click on the page to translate into your language.

Become a member of Sörmlandsleden association

Cost: 200 SEK/year gives you free access to detailed maps of Sörmlandsleden.

Find walkingtrails and tour suggestions at naturkartan.se

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