Play golf in Trosa

Discover the joy of playing golf in Trosa. Enjoy the beautiful views and a varied golfing experience on one of the two 18-hole courses. Or try the fun mini-golf courses where exciting obstacles add a wonderful twist to the game. If you are curious about disc golf, you can take a round in the woods behind Trosa lands church. With its beautiful nature and its varied golf range, Trosa is a perfect destination for the whole golf family!

Scenic golf courses

Both Trosa’s 18-hole courses are located in a scenic environment with close proximity to wildlife. The seaside course at Trosa Golfklubb offers a beautiful view of the bay Tureholmsviken and maybe you can catch sight of one of the sea eagles circling over the water. The golf course, which was inaugurated in 1976, is located partly on what once was the riding grounds of Tureholm Castle.

The walk around the course is pleasant in the relatively flat landscape where the course itself offers several challenging holes with angles and water hazards. And as the golf club themselves say, “It’s not often calm wind at Trosa GK, so make friends with the wind and enjoy your round of golf.” Both beginners and more experienced people can feel at home here.

Tre spelare på en golfbana.

Åda Golf & Country Club has a forest and park course built on a site that was formerly one of the country’s largest game enclosures for deer, mouflon sheep and wild boar. The chance of seeing a herd of deer is still high. However, the club has removed the risk of meeting a wild boar with a fence that extends around the entire course.

Here too, everyone – regardless of experience – can enjoy the golf experience as the course winds through forests and open landscapes. The round follows the green and slightly hilly nature and on more than half of the holes water comes into play.

Damm på golfbana med ett litet hus med tillhörande veranda.

The Adventure awaits

When playfulness and adventure is tempting, Trosa Parkgolf is the perfect activity for your family! The twelve courses are built like Trosa in miniature. You play your way through several different places and sights from all over our municipality, for example Västerljung’s gold treasure and Tureholm Castle. Also, don’t miss out visiting the café with its delicious ice cream menu.

If you fancy playing mini golf mixed with a dip in the sea, you should visit the adventure golf course at Trosa havsbad & camping. Here, the course’s closest neighbor is the beach and the sea. A whole day can be spent here with swimming, mini golf and lunch at the nearby archipelago restaurant Algoth på Udden. Maybe with an ice cream from the cute little yellow kiosk afterwards.

You can take the Blue Train to both of these lovely mini golf courses. Read more and see the timetable here

Discgolfkorg och vy ut över fält

Play golf without a golf club

Do you want to get out into nature and play a different kind of golf? In that case you should check out disc golf! In the woods and in the fields behind Trosa Land’s church is Trosa Vagnhärad Disc Golf Club locaded. The course currently consists of 9 holes that take you around a hilly, beautiful landscape. The “holes” are not actually holes but baskets that you have to hit with a type of frisbee called a disc. This is a perfect activity if you want relaxation and challenge at the same time!

All seasons

The fact that the golf courses are closed during the colder half of the year may not prevent the urge to golf from kicking in. How lucky then that Trosa Inomhusgolf (Trosa Indoor golf) is located on Industrigatan! There you play in a golf simulator that measures, among other things, the ball’s speed, spin and angle of impact. You stand on a carpet, shoot at a projector screen and then watch the ball fly across the virtual track. It’s perfect to keep the swing going during the winter or to get in shape for the season opening at spring.

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