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Sustainable vacation

Would you like to travel sustainible? We have gatherd tips for when you plan your trip to Trosa


If you want to think sustainable when planning your vacation, the destination is the first thing to consider. Where you choose to travel determines the distance and transportation options. Sustainable destinations are places near you or places you can travel to using sustainable transportation options.

Bana i träden och texten Trosa

Sustainable means of transportation

The high carbon emissions resulting from transportation are usually the highest contender to carbon emissions during vacations. Therefore, it is recommended to explore the possibility of taking the train instead of flying, or the bus instead of driving. If you are curious about the climate impact of different transportation alternatives, visit

Despite Trosa beeing referred to as ”the world’s end” there are several different environmentally friendly ways to reach Trosa. If you are traveling to Trosa from Stockholm, there is a direct bus that operates between Liljeholmen and Trosa. Sörmlandstrafiken provides transportation to Trosa from many locations in Sörmland. If you are traveling to Trosa from a greater distance, consider the possibilities of taking a train. Vagnhärads train station is located within Trosa’s municipality and can be reached from both the north and the south. From the Vagnhärad station, you can continue your journey within Trosa municipality using Sörmlandstrafiken.

Once you are in Trosa’s charming town center, everything is close by, and it is easy to get around by foot. For those who want a unique transportation experience, there is the Blue train, which operates between Trosaporten and Trosa Havsbad during summer. If you on the other hand prefer to be your own engine, bicycles are available for rent at several locations, read more about biking in Trosa here. For those who want a closer encounter with the archipelago idyll, canoes, kayaks, and SUP boards are available for rent, read more about padeling in Trosa here.

Dubbeldäckad buss på Trosa torg
Cyklister på Trosa torg

Stay longer

When planning a sustainable vacation, it is important to minimize how much we use environmentally impactful transportation. Therefore, it is recommended to stay longer in one place and explore the surroundings, instead of traveling between multiple locations. This reduces the number of transports required, and accommodation facilities can reduce the amount of cleaning and laundry after each guest change. A longer stay also allows you to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

Trosa has a wide range of activities, offering plenty of sustainable activities that will entertain you through your entire stay, no matter how long it is. You’ll find numerous tips for activities to suit all moods and weather conditions under the “See and Do” section.

Ett hotellrum på Trosa Stadshotell i somrig stil och blå möbler.


There is a lot to experience in the nature, but even the outdoors can be crowded with visitors during the peak of the summer season. To counter overtourism and avoid putting excessive strain on the nature’s resources, it is an excellent idea to vacation during the off-season. Many popular attractions are just as enjoyable to visit during the off-season, because each season comes with its own charm.

Sustainable tourism also encompasses social and economic factors. By traveling during the off-season, you contribute to the sustainability of the local economy. With a more balanced influx of visitors, restaurants, shops, and other businesses find it easier to operate year-round. This creates more full-time jobs and employment opportunities.

You are always wellcome to visit Trosa and stay as long as you like. Hope we will see you!

Skridskoåkare med gult hus och fyr i bakgrund / Ice skating in Trosa archipelago

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Stor gammal ek i förgrunden, rött gammalt hus i bakgrunen

Sävö island

A lovely island just a 10-minute boat ride from Källvik’s pier. Here you’ll find STF hostel, cottages via Airbnb, a café, and the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail.

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Tjej i gul kajak

Kayaking and SUP

You can slip among the islets and skerries of the stunning archipelago of Trosa Municipality in a kayak – and no driving licence required.

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Kvinna som vandrar i skog med hund. Skylt i förgrunden.


Convenient hiking package with accommodation or hiking on your own? There is something here for everyone, regardless of level or hiking experience.

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Fyra personer på en golfbana/Four people on a golf course

Play golf in Trosa

There is something for everyone who wants to play golf in Trosa! Two 18-hole courses, mini golf courses and disc golf. There are even indoor golf!

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