Good-to-know for buses that visit Trosa

Information to busgroups

Trosa is a popular destination for group travel. We are often asked where it is appropriate to park, eat, have coffee and if there is the possibility of guiding. We have gathered the information here. If you can not find an answer to a question, you are welcome to contact us.

Food and "fika"

If the whole group wants to eat or have coffee (fika) together, we recommend that you pre-book. Places that have the opportunity to receive larger groups are, for example, Trosa Stadshotell, Bomans, Kölsvinet, Två Små Svin, Bergs Gård, Punschkällaren, Ankaret, Trosa matstudio, Tre Små Rum and Utsikten.

Where can you drive a bus?

Trosa is small and most are close. From the bus stop in the harbor to the square it is about 700 meters. We recommend that you get around on foot.

In summer, from the end of school to the start of school, Trosa square is closed for traffic. During this period, flower pots are exhibited and the streets are even narrower.

Please go to Trosa harbor and drop off your visitors and then park the bus at Skärlagsvallen. Thanks in advance!

Trosas torg med Rådstugan i bakgrunden

Boarding and disembarking:

Boarding and disembarking is most conveniently done at the final stop in Trosa harbor.

Address: Uddbergagatan 3, Trosa.

Parking for buses:

When the bus has dropped off visitors, it is best to leave the bus parked along Skärlagsvallen. This is to make sure not to block the regular bus traffic or other bus groups that want to get on or off. Remember that it is not allowed to block entrances or the pedestrian and bicycle path.

Address: Skärlagsgatan 2, Trosa.

Guiding in Trosa:

With the help of The Heritage Trail you can walk around on your own in Trosa and do a “self-guided tour”.

If you instead want a guide during your visit in Trosa, we have a couple of guides you can contact.

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