Open all year

During autumn, winter, and spring, a more relaxed pace awaits you when you visit us. Many shops, activity providers, cafes, restaurants, and accommodations are open year-round. Please check their websites for opening hours.

Mountainbikecyklister på berget / Mountainbike cyclist at Bergs Gård

Bergs Gård MTB-arena

Here you’ll find Sörmland’s largest MTB arena with forest trails, flow trails, and a large technical area. The trails will take you through beautiful pine forests, over rocky hills, and down to the sea. Everyone, regardless of ability, can cycle here.

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Kvinna i inredningsbutik

Albins & Vera

An inspirational store with selected vintage items, original interior details, confectionery, tea, beautiful yarn, and a charming garden selection.

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Kvinna som hänger upp kläder


We have handpicked women’s and children’s clothing of high quality and a carefully curated selection of cozy interior details.

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Inomhusgolf med skärm

Trosa Indoor Golf

At Trosa Indoor Golf, the golf season never ends! Here, you can play simulator golf year-round using the latest technology that tracks everything happening with your club and ball.

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Rött hus med butiksskylt

Sörbro Gård

We work in harmony with nature to produce the highest-quality, nutritious food: goat milk, cheese and yoghurt, vegetables, pasture-raised eggs and grass-fed meat.

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Höghöjdsbana i Trosa

Trosa aktivitetspark

High-altitude course with 7 courses of varying difficulty and ziplines from 1 – 15 meters up in the air. Finish with the 15 meter jump “Horizon” if you dare! From

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