Trosa harbour

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Trosa harbor has always been important in Trosa’s history. Trosa’s fishermen came here with the summer’s catch, and on the large grassy area they had a market and sold the salted fish.

Today, you will find small shops, restaurants and hotels in the harbour are.

On the large grassy area, major events take place throughout the year, such as the “Trosa Galejet” (food and music festival) and the “Trosa Boat Show” (boat fair).

Två båtar och två gula hus
Trosa Gästhamn. Foto: Apelago

World's end is located in Trosa harbour

At the far end of the harbor pier is “World’s end” or the “Butter bucket” as it is also called. The nickname is said to come from the fact that Trosa used to have only one access road from the country road, Trosa was located at the “end of the road” (the words sounds very similiar in Swedish = vägen/ road and världen/ world). When you got here, you had to take the long detour back to the country road. The fact that it is also called the butter bucket is connected to the shape, it looks like an old butter bucket.

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Did you know?

The bridge that leads out to the harbor pier is called the “Bridge of Sighs”. It is said to have gotten its name from the lovers left behind who walked here and sighed, when the steamboat was heading home with the summer guests in the fall. The promenade out to the pier is called the path of love.

Activities in Trosa harbour

  • Rent a kayak or SUP (stand up paddle board)
  • Rent a bicycle
  • Play padel (Trosa Padel is booked via
  • Play volleyball or fotball (you may borrow a ball at Hökö one of the shops near the playground)
  • Go for a tour in the archipelago (tickets can be bought in the guest harbour)
  • Stroll in the nice little shops near the Trosaån river
  • Have lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants
  • Go for a homemade ice cream at “Henkes Glass” on Östra Hamnplan
  • Play in the playground, there’s a ship, swings and more

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