Excursions in Sörmland

Feeling like going on an excursion? Why not take a detour and discover a different kind of road, beyond the rush and all too familiar fast-food chains. Sörmland has so much to offer! Explore the magnificent nature, thrift stores, shops, food, and Swedish fika. The excursions from Trosa offer authentic experiences and delightful moments.

First and foremost: turn off from the E4 highway and choose the smaller roads. Follow, for example, the signs towards Utflyktsvägen and drive along the winding roads from Stockholm’s southern archipelago all the way down to Bråviken. And of course, there are many other backroads to explore as well! Along these roads, numerous small-scale businesses have found their rightful place. Here, you’ll find craftsmanship, historical sites, farm shops, and above all, you can experience the beautiful nature.

Trosa is, of course, a perfect starting point! The excursions are available in all directions – all within an hour’s drive from central Trosa. Just think about what you can discover. If you simply take a turn off. And find a different path.

Excursion tips north of Trosa

Järna is locaded just north of Trosa. In Järna, there is a strong commitment to locally produced food, from farm to table, and the area offers several gastronomic taste experiences. In and around Järna, there are also several entities that offer a wide range of organic and locally produced goods.

Between Järna and Trosa are the islands of Mörkö and Oaxen. Oaxen is mainly composed of limestone, giving it a unique flora as a result. On the island, you can witness the impressive limestone quarry and the culturally significant lime kiln. Mörkö, on the other hand, offers attractions such as a castle, restaurants, and cafes. From Mörkö, it’s possible to take the ferry to the mainland for onward travel towards Nynäshamn or Stockholm.

Excursion tips south of Trosa

If you follow Utflyktsvägen southwards towards Nyköping, you’ll pass by attractions such as Nynäs Nature Reserve and Castle, Stendörren Nature Reserve, Helgö Kayak, and Svärdsklova. In other words, this road sets the stage for a series of delightful nature and cultural experiences. But there are more roads to Nyköping! If you take the Gamla riksettan (Old route 1), you’ll pass farm shops, thrift stores, and detours to even more hidden gems.

Excursion tips west of Trosa

Let the journey take you back in time with a visit to Butiken på landet. This clothing store is actually housed in a large old barn from the 1800s. And if you can’t get enough of old things, Prima Pinaler isn’t far from here. It’s a household goods store with the motto “you don’t need to feel shopping guilt here,” as they only sell used and antique items with a focus on the years 1850-1950. Then set your course for Gnesta, where you can experience the beautiful Sörmland nature both from horseback and in a kayak.

Explore more destinations and maps by visiting the Utflyktsvägen website

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