Fishing with a fishing license in Trosaån (Trosa stream) from January 1st to September 14th. You can also go on a fishing trip with a guide. There are plenty of opportunities for regulated recreational fishing, both on your own and with a guide.

For a long time Trosa’s main industry was fishing and the town had a significant fishing port for a long time. During World War one, the east coast’s largest fishing fleet was still located here. There could be 25-30 fishing boats in the harbor.

The fishermen in Trosa was called “Skärborgare”. They were fishermen in the summer, living on the islands, and citizens in the town during the other seasons. Their livelihood was from fishing and agriculture.

Since 1979, the restaurant Fina Fisken has been located in Trosa’s harbor. The restaurant was then run in connection with the now closed smokehouse. Big, fat, fine herrings were needed for the smoking, and in Trosa there were the finest and fattest in the Baltic Sea. In 1940, the first sod was broken for the smokehouse and the following year it was moved in. In the smokehouse, at most 2-3 tons of herrings were smoked a day. The smokehouse was closed in 1979.

Photo: Hans Nilssons bilder, Trosa Hembygdsförening

Fishing in Trosaån (Trosa stream)

The fishing distance reaches up to around 8 km long and offers the possibility to fish, fly fishing, spinning rod and more. There are around 20 different species of fish in Trosaån, with the possibility of catching Sea Trout, which is the crowning glory.

  • You need a fishing license to fish in Trosaån
  • There are good parking facilities in the center of Vagnhärad, Trosa and Trosa harbor
  • Bathrooms are located in Trosa harbor
  • Information boards can be found alongside Trosaån with information about the stream and the regulations that apply to fishing
  • It is prohibited to fish between September 15th and December 31st
Personer framför stort vitt tält
Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa turistcenter

Short on fishing

In the sea: Along the entire coast you can fish freely on both public and private waters. And this applies to fishing with hand tools such as fishing rods, spinning rods, prick rods and others like this. However, the protection of fish applies from September 15th to and including June 15th in Tureholmsviken.

In lakes: A fishing rights holder permit is required for fishing in lakes. There are often a lot of different fishing rights holder permits for one lake and it is not easy finding out who owns the fishing rights. This factor makes it difficult to get a permit to go fishing in lakes. Trosa municipality does not have access to the contact information for this.

In Nynäs Nature Reserve, it is allowed to fish in Rundbosjön from land and rowing boats that you can rent from the hostel. It is prohibited to fish in Gisesjön, Björken, Stora Frillingen and Lilla Frillingen in the Nature Reserve. Please contact Nynäs Slott (Nynäs Castle) for other information regarding fishing in Nynäs Nature Reserve. There is no general fishing in Gisesjön.

In Trosaån (Trosa stream): You need a fishing license permit to be able to fish on the way between Vagnhärad and Sillen lake. The stretch between Trosa Kvarn and the mouth of Trosaån is managed by “Trosa amatörfiskeklubb”. In this area you can fish with a fishing license, with the exception of a few places. See current fishing regulations upon purchase of the fishing license.

Hinkar och håvar för utlåning vid Naturum Stendörren
Buckets and rakes can be borrowed at Naturum Stendörren

Learn more about The Baltic Sea

In the exhibition at Naturum Stendörren you can get to know the mysterious life under the surface of the Baltic Sea. You will also be able to learn more about the unique and sensitive ecosystem in the Baltic Sea.

Here there is also a possibility to come along with a nature guide and rake or borrow equipment and explore on your own.

"Trosametet" – Fishing competition

Trosa Amatörfiskeklubb annually organizes the event “Trosametet” on Ascension Day. The fishing competition has taken place here every Ascension Day since 1934. Everyone, old and young, takes place and fishes alongside Trosaån with the happy cheering from people walking by.

Fish passages in Trosaån

Fish passages were created at the hiking barriers in Trosaån during fall and winter 2022. The hiking barriers that were affected are located at Trosa Kvarn, Nygårdsdammen and Husby Kvarn. When the fish passages were created it was also installed a fish counter so you would be able to see which animals were passing through at Trosa Kvarn. Take a look on the link down below to see who has been passing through the passage.

Fishing guides

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