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Trosa is a vibrant place year-round. Here, you can enjoy skiing, ice skating, winter bathing, spa, sauna, mountain biking, and more. Several shops, cafes, and restaurants are open throughout the year. Welcome to Trosa municipality this winter!

Spa, bathing and sauna​

Relaxing at Bergs Gård

Sauna and jacuzzi, both inside ond outside. The one outside is possible to rent also for those not staying at the farm.


Safiren has a childrens pool, hot pool and a 25-meters pool for exercising and play. Open daily.

Spa at Trosa Stadshotell

Relax and enjoy Trosa Stadshotel spa. There’s a steam- sauna, regular sauna, aroma room and hot spring. Book a day spa or spend the night.

Sauna by the lake at Sund Nergården

Sund Nergården is an oasis for adults. Enjoy a dip in lake Sillen after heating in the sauna with a magic view of the lake.

Saunas are for over night guests only.

Winter swim

Suitable to go at lake Sillen or Trosa Havsbad. 

Remember this:
  1. Always bring a friend, don’t go alone.
  2. Wear a hat, woolsocks and woolmittens.
  3. Be careful if you have previously had heart disease or high blood pressure – check with your doctor first.
  4. Is it  your first time? Do it quick!
  5. Dress warmly afterwards.
  6. Drink hot beverages afterwards.
  7. Never go in the water if you are sick or affected by alcohol.

Remember that winter bathing is at your own risk.

Outdoor winter activities


It works well to hike year-round. On, we have several hiking and walking trails published. Trosa Stadshotell, Tre Små Rum, Bergs Gård and Bomans all arrange hiking paackages. You get transported to a stage and hike back on Sörmlandsleden. Back at the hotel you’ll have a nice meal and a good nights sleep. A true experience – all year!


There is not always snow in Trosa in winter. The beauty of it is that it works to ride mtb almost all year round.

Book a mountain bike guide with WeRide mtb and hit the trails, suitable for both beginners and the experienced.

At Bergs Gård there is an entire technical area and two trails in the forest that are weatherproof. This means that the trails have been graveled and laid so that they are almost completely dry even though it is plus temperatures, meltwater and really wet in nature. If you can’t ski, you can ride a mountainbike at Bergs Gård. They also have rental bikes in all sizes.

Skiing in Trosabacken

Possible to go both downhill and cross country. 

View there Facebook-page for opening hours.

Cross country skiing

When there’s enough natural snow we usually have cross country skiing at Trosa and Åda golfcourse as well as at Trosabygdens Orienteringsklubb/ near Häradsvallen.

Ice skating

Next to Tomtaklintskolan is Trosas outdoor ice rink. It is open daily. See for more information (link opens in new window).

There are several lakes here and sometimes even the archipelago freezes. Remember to always be prepared and think safety first when ice skating on natural ices. Never go on the ice if you are unexperienced.

Trosa Aktivitetspark (activity park)

Open year-round but requires advance booking, minimum of 10 people during the low season (November-February).

Trosa-Vagnhärad Disc Golf Course

A 9-hole course starting near Häradsvallen just outside Vagnhärad, close to Trosalands Church. Bring your own discs.

Tip for snowy conditions: attach a ribbon to your disc to easily spot its landing location.

More activities

At Trosa municipality’s two libraries, you have access to life stories, narratives, and tales. Discover new knowledge and experiences, or escape to another time, place, or dimension. Here, you’ll find fantasy, novels, detective stories, and much more. Come and play games, solve puzzles, or read newspapers. The libraries are a meeting place for all ages.

You can find Trosa Inomhusgolf  (Trosa indoor golf) on Industrigatan. Here, you play in a golf simulator that measures factors like ball speed, spin, and club angle. You stand on a mat, shoot towards a projector screen, and then see how the ball flies over the virtual course.

Go for a selfguided tour around central Trosa. The Heritage trail  takes about 1 hour and you will pass by shops, cafés and resaturants along the way.

During autumn, winter and spring Trosa Bio shows movies in Skärborgarnas hus.

The palace is one of eleven royal palaces in Sweden. Owned by the Swedish State and used by King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Wandering through the Tullgarn palace park is like taking a lush journey in time from the 17th to the 20th century. The park has centuries-old linden trees and an English park designed by Princess Sofia Albertina in the early 19th century. 

Download the app “Kungliga promenader” or “Royal Walks” for free on the App Store and Google Play. The texts are in Swedish and English and are accompanied by historical and recent photos.

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