11 best Instaspots & photo locations in Trosa

It is not difficult to find Instaspots and photo locations for the perfect picture around Trosa. The history that stretches back to the Stone Age together with the nature and archipelago landscape offers a variety of idyllic photo opportunities. Snap a picture of a fantastic door, an archipelago island or a castle – no filters are needed to take amazing photos.

1. Smörbyttan

Smörbyttan (the butter bucket) is as photo-friendly in winter time as it is in the summer. The beautiful stone roundel is at the end of the harbor pier and when you have arrived here, you have reached the “world´s end” and then have to take the same way back. The most common explanation for Trosa being called The end of the world is simply because there was only one way here and you couldn’t get further than this.

Boj på pir i motljus

2. Villa Brogården

The big yellow house along the Trosa river is probably the most photographed house in Trosa. This was once the town’s distillery and has also housed school classes. Nowadays it is a private residence.

Stor gul villa vid å

3. The Guest Harbour

In the guest harbor, there’s always an exciting mix of boats and people, making it a multifaceted place to capture with the camera. Whether it’s the glittering sunset over the water surface or the lively activities on the quay, there’s always something unique and inspiring to immortalize.

Restaurang och båtar i gästhamn

4. The view from Jättars mountain

35 meters above the sea in the nature reserve Furholmen you find this nice lookout. The signs pointing here say Fornborg (ancient castle). Here, during the Iron Age, there was just such a one. Today it is difficult to see that it once existed here, but it is not difficult to understand why they chose this place. The view over Mörköfjärden (Mörkö bay) is so beautiful and was a perfect place to keep watch if any enemies approached.

Utsikt över åker och hav

5. The red rows of houses on Västra Långgatan

Along Västra Långgatan you can stroll between red old wooden houses. Today it is a true idyll, even if it has been called The Shanty town. Here at Garvaregården is Trosa’s city museum located and close by you will find the old school house from the 18th century. There, teaching was conducted on the upper floor, while the lower floor was a poor house.

Röda trähus

6. The town hall 

This is “town hall” number three on the site. The first burned down during the Russian ravages in 1719. The second one was built in 1725 but was demolished in 1883 because it was disrepaired and then made room for a new school. The building that stands here today is called Rådstugan (town cottage) and not town hall, because otherwise it would be easily confused with the latest town hall, which was located on Östra Långgatan. Today you will find a tourist center and library here. The building is a copy of town hall number two and the clock on the roof is original from the same town hall. The bell rings daily at 12.00.

Rött hus med kupol på taket, träd i förgrunden/red house with dome on the roof with trees in the foreground.

7. Beautiful details

Along the streets of Trosa there are many beautiful old houses for you to look at and capture in a picture. If you stop and look a little closer, there are also lots of small details on these houses to photograph. Gossip/window mirrors, cute little doors and beautiful signs. Go find the little gems. We promise many Instaspots and photo locations!

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8. The Villabridge 

When a new residential district grew up on the west side at the turn of the century, a new bridge was needed so that summer guests and residents could cross the river more easily. In 1922, the bridge was rebuilt and then became bicycle-friendly with sloping sides, unlike before when it had stairs. The new villa town consisted of luxurious houses that wealthy townspeople had built. Together with Villa Brogården, which is also visible in the picture, it is waiting to be photographed.

Bro över å

9. The phone booth

The beautiful phone booth stands between Skolparken (School park) and Rådstugan (town hall). It’s been a long time since you could call from it, but instead you can find a lovely book to take with you. Or maybe you have a book you want to leave for someone else to read? Of course, it is also a perfect motif for your Instagram picture.

Äldre telefonkiosk

10. Tullgarn castle

Tullgarn Castle is not actually in Trosa, but belongs to Stockholm County. But since it only takes 8 minutes to drive here from Vagnhärad, and the area is full of Instaspots and photo locations, it has to be included anyway. The photogenic castle with all the nice details was built in the 1720s, but the castle’s history stretches back to the 16th century. Since the current castle was built, it has undergone a number of different renovations and modernizations, which you can take part in through castle tours in the summer. But even when the castle itself is closed, the area is worth a visit. The surroundings are incredibly beautiful regardless of the season.

Urnor med blommor vid trappa/Yellow flowers in pots

11. Stendörren

In the beautiful nature reserve Stendörren, there are plenty of places to take photos. That’s why it can also be included in our list, even though Stendörren is not located in Trosa municipality, but in Nyköping. Suspension bridges between the islands make it easy to get out into the archipelago even if you don’t have a boat. History is reminded here through the old farms Aspnäset, Stendörren and Griskär. At Aspnäset, the land is still cultivated in the traditional way.

Två personer på en hängbro/Two people on a suspantionbridge

3 tips from our photographer Paola

1Think about the lightning – the right light is A&O to get nice pictures. Also, you usually don’t need to edit that much if you have good lighting. Avoid direct sunlight. Try to capture the magical feeling just before the sun rises or sets. The result can be extremely beautiful!

2 Go close – crop your surroundings tighter and get closer to your subject and you’ll get much better results. You get more focus on your subject and less disturbing objects in the background.

3The composition – play and try. Let lines in the image guide the eye or think about what is in the foreground/background to get depth in the images.

Good luck!

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