Feel like going for a swim?

Summer is here and we understand if you would like to go for a swim in the sea. See our guide to Trosas four beaches.

Trosa havsbad

At Trosa havsbad, the whole family can enjoy themselves! Here is a beach, cliffs, jetty and diving tower. There is also a café/restaurant, camping, cottages and a mini golf course.


Borgmästarholmen is located in the middle of a Natura2000 area. Here is a sandy beach and lawn.


Komöte is an incredibly shallow sandy beach – perfect for families with children. Here you lay your towel/blanket on a lawn.


Sillebadet is located at the southern end of the lake Sillen. Here is a beach, jetty and lawn to lay the blanket/towel on.

Beach for dogs

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring your dog to the municipal bathing areas. There is a dog beach at Trosa havsbad where you can let your dog swim. Otherwise, we refer to natural bathing sites, where land meets water.

Find your beach

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