Feel like going for a swim?

Summer is here and we understand if you would like to go for a swim in the sea. See our guide to Trosas four beaches.

Trosa havsbad

At Trosa havsbad, the whole family can enjoy themselves! Here is a beach, cliffs, jetty and diving tower. There is also a restaurant, kiosk, camping, glamping, cottages and a mini golf course.


Borgmästarholmen is located in the middle of a Natura2000 area. Here is a sandy beach and lawn.


Komöte is an incredibly shallow sandy beach – perfect for families with children. Here you lay your towel/blanket on a lawn.


Sillebadet is located at the southern end of the lake Sillen. Here is a beach, jetty and lawn to lay the blanket/towel on.

Find your beach

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Photo: Trosa kommun


Safiren has a childrens pool, hot pool and a 25-meters pool for exercising and play. Open daily.


All of them have a toilet.


Unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring your dog to the municipal bathing areas. Otherwise, we refer to natural bathing sites, where land meets water.

The right of public access (Allemansrätten)

Thanks to the right of public access, we can move freely in nature. Always remember the motto “do not disturb, do not destroy” when in nature.

Never lit a fire directly on rock slabs. They crack and it leaves ugly wounds in nature that cannot be repaired. In the event of a drought, a general fire ban may apply. For updates on the fire situation, read the respective municipality’s website or msb.se

Leave no trace! All rubbish you have taken out to sea, you must bring ashore. Littering is prohibited.

Please read more about the right of public access at Naturvårdsverket.

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