Emils backe

A circus wagon containing the apple café Tarte Tatin Café, a lifestyle shop, fresh vegetables and pick-your-own flowers. Emils Backe is worth a visit!

“A circus wagon with a café that serves really good coffee and heavenly good apple products” – yes, that’s how it turned out! The idea came to Erik Hedenstedt when he was with his mother and saw a circus performance some summers ago. He was going to convert a circus wagon into a cafe!

They didn’t find a circus wagon, but they did find an undercarriage. Said and done, the undercarriage was bought and then the journey began with building up the little “house”.

The lifestyle store Hippie Home is also located at Emils Backe, as well as 3 hg flowers and Angela’s Farm.

Man står vid sin nybyggda gröna cirkusvagn
Foto: Lindring.se
Hus på stolpar/House on poles
Foto: Anna Lefvert

Emils backe

The Emils Backe area is very special, even without food, coffee and shops. Here, the houses stand on stilts. The idea is to avoid destroying nature and leave it as untouched as possible, even though a house ends up there. And it’s fascinating that you can build in this way!

Erik has made a suggestion for a walk you can take to look at the houses, called “The architecture path” (see map further down). There are  information signs along the path that tell you more about the history of the place and you can read about who Emil was.

Stroll along “Anders’ shortcut” and “Gullis Boulevard”, named to pay tribute to Anders and Gulli, former owners of the plot.

Swedish apples and French culture

From the beginning, they had intended to plant an apple grove on the site, so the choice was easy. Everything served in the café has to do with apples. Almost everything anyway, the coffee should be coffee and it must be really good. And also, it must be French.

Before you leave Emils Backe, you can take a look at the Hippie Home store. Maybe you will get a pillow with a lovely pattern or a nice dress.

Maybe eventually it will become an apple grove, but for now we enjoy the oasis here in Emil’s backe, just as it is.

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Karta över promenadväg Arkitekturrundan

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