Beyond Highway E4, a small-scale Sörmland awaits

Up for a captivating journey of discovery not far from the highway?

Take the Utflyktsvägen exit between Järna and Trosa, experience beautiful Sörmland nature, and find tasty new reasons to stop.

First of all, exit the E4 at Järna or Trosa – depending on which direction you’re coming from – and follow the signs to the road Utflyktsvägen. Lots of small-scale businesses have found their place along this road.

Coming from the north, we turn off at the small town of Järna. We have decided to explore the beautiful Utflyktsvägen from here down to the charming archipelago town of Trosa.

Järna is passionate about locally produced food, from farm to table, and the area offers several gastronomic taste sensations. In and around Järna are also several businesses offering a wide selection of organic and locally produced goods. You can discover exciting and delicious flavours, listen to fascinating stories, and learn something new from the many businesses taking an environmentally conscious approach.

A lots of flowers in front of a house
Photo: Skillebyholm

Sörmland brewery

At Saltå Mill, which sells organic products all over Sweden, you’ll find their bakery, shop, and café. We also take a short but enlightening forest walk, where we get to read about everything from bees to compost. A rewarding and lovely stop.

We continue towards Skillebyholm. This is a meeting place for biodynamic farming, education, and sustainable development. One that offers everything from training in horticulture, farming, a restaurant, and a farm shop with products made on site. And if you like beer, make sure to stop at Brewing Költur at Hölö.

Just before we arrive to Vagnhärad, we find a true floral paradise, Nora Trädgård. A personal garden shop for anyone fascinated by green plants and a budding garden. Above all, this is a place that awakens the joy of cultivation and gardening. We lose ourselves in the beautiful, green aisles, and end our visit with a coffee in the lush trellis.

A tile museum

On our way to Trosa, we stop at Åda Gods. We have heard that there are som interesting business here. 

We visit what must be Sweden’s smallest roof tile museum. But despite its tiny size, this place is highly entertaining. A very fun and different detour. Surrounded by magnificent nature.

Accommodation in a “skärborgar” house

Åda Gods is a cluster of businesses, and we longingly look out over the golf course across the road. But for now, we’re tired from all the wonderful impressions and can’t wait to rest at our hotel. We have booked a room at Två Små Svin in central Trosa. A unique so-called Skärborgar House dating back to the 18th century. “Skärborgare” was what you called the traditional fishermen from Trosa. This feels like an appropriate end to our little road trip in the name of sustainability.

Now all we need to do is choose from the excellent range of White Guide restaurants here in Trosa.

Next time we come, it’s time for Konsttriangeln (the Art Triangle), Trosa’s very own art tour. Artists and artisans gather from all corners of the municipality to showcase their creations. Happy and grateful for all the wonderful and personal encounters along Utflyktsvägen road, we bid you farewell. Until next time!

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